Bitcoin has the people are not the same as what feelings

Day the child asked me why, “why not”, “why”, “Why are you good gestures, is if I don’t understand?” I’m back, saying “why not ask why, reading is very good, you need to bring the universe”, the children don’t understand. Yes! Don’t understand on the quiet. Let the childhood look up at the sky, thinking about the universe, do not impose adult ideas, is also good. Today about bitcoin feelings.

The first is that the heart of the universe.

The broad definition of all is the general term, is the unity of time and space. The narrow definition of the universe is outside the earth’s atmosphere and material space.

With time, the universe of people is “with tens, world famous Great Jubilee to the land, before 1200 to worry worry now.

Du Fu before 1200

The space, whether a person is “the universe a cottage, before the zhongnanshan. Without the passengers often retreat, all day long without being.” The pursuit of personal quiet.

With the universe is not the objective to ask “human beings come from? The future will go to where?” “If there are other life in the universe? If there is, when we meet them, how should we do?” “The future of the universe is what?”.

With the universe, you are the sun together, only looking up into the sky, to surprise you.

Lian Cheng sun

Now that bitcoin.

With bitcoin you will call it a bubble?


You will want to find out a bitcoin Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto

With bitcoin will you love 10 thousand bitcoin to buy pizza?

Finally, the underlying technology block chain bitcoin: the future is coming, but not popular.

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