Bitcoin hedge fund expansion: to solve the problem can make the price doubled

Bitcoin hedge fund expansion: to solve the problem can make the price doubled

Despite the recent bitcoin prices reached a record high, if the final settlement expansion dispute, the digital asset prices may also rise more, at least one involved in the technology of large hedge funds so that.

This week in the mail to investors, U.S. investors trading agent Jersey bitcoin investment tool GABI (GlobalAdvisorsBitcoinInvestmentFund) refers to the sustainable development of digital currency market, with particular emphasis on the Wright currency (Litecoin) development, and how they relate to greater bitcoin market.

The company pointed out that the original bitcoin development technology upgrades to isolate the witness (SegWit, SegregatedWitness) is the community is an important factor in Wright currency market upward. The SegWit Wright currency is worthy of attention, because bitcoin miners have been on the upgrade of technology and policy to remain silent.

GABI said, if indeed bitcoin can also take this deployment, the market will have the same reaction.

“Even if not found evidence of existence of Wright currency expansion pressure, the upgrade was finished, it even to a certain extent predicted bitcoin can take the road, and this road can bring progress, even if not completely resolved, at least for the price effect will be very significant. Even if the double is not too accident”.

The hedge fund also stressed the wide range of the most recent encryption currency market rise, the difference between them and the bitcoin has slowly highlights.

Reported last week, outside the recent bitcoin market appeared large transactions, the total market value of all encrypted currency exceeding $50 billion for the first time. The bitcoin accounted for about $27 billion.

GABI said, “this is amazing progress, we have echoed the theory, user demand will make the system more and more diversified currency”.

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