Bitcoin high callback, is a warning!

Bitcoin is back 20% in an hour, which is terrible, but it doesn’t reduce the enthusiasm of investors. On the contrary, it makes more people excited and find the entry point. However, bitcoin did not give retail investors more time to think about it. After the callback, bitcoin rebounded rapidly, leaving retail investors to take over at a high position. This may be the main inducement, or the power of retail investors. No matter what, the foam is really fragrant; there are so many friends coming in. There are risks in the currency circle, so we should be cautious when entering the market. In the past month, bitcoin can be described as speed, friends hoarding cash, no matter what, more or less can earn, even if it is low sell high suction can earn. However, it is often that this kind of earning method is too simple and easy to be confused. People think that the money circle is money collecting, and that the money in the currency circle is windy, so they start to invest vigorously, or even invest beyond their ability. This is terrible, it has been misled, tell you this is a bull market, so you can make money, as long as the bull market stops, all your funds are covered in it. Therefore, you must not be confused by the bull market. You should make investment within your ability and use the funds that you can bear losses. Bitcoin’s highest level is $34762. In front of the current trend, it is not much different from $50000. The overall upward trend is no problem. So now, the investment in the currency circle must take the spot, and it is the kind that does not move. Many people like to do swing positions, which is the most difficult in the upward trend, and often the entry and exit points will be very poor. Ethereum can see a new high in the short term, while letcoin can see above 200 in the short term. These are the two currencies that follow the trend. When the retail investors choose, the big pie will push the retail investors away with the price. The retail investors will choose Ethereum and letcoin, as well as bitcoin friends with high risk aversion. Therefore, these three mainstream currencies are worthy of investment. This year, Shanzhai will take off, but I don’t recommend that you invest in Shanzhai. What you think is the income of Shanzhai, what he thinks is your principal. You don’t know the time when all kinds of funds are smashed. Maybe there will be a thousand times currency in 200 currencies, but can you choose? I think the investment should be stable and certain mainstream, that is, the three currencies I mentioned above. There are also contract investors who can try to operate on the currency standard. High callback is a risk reminder. I hope you can have a long memory and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you have any questions, or what you want to communicate, you can leave a message in the comments area for discussion.

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