Bitcoin hits a record high again. Are athletes paid in bitcoin?

Fx168 financial news (North America) after setting a record at the weekend, bitcoin seems to have spent a few days to rest, but it has resumed its hot pace of rise again, hitting a record high of $28579.59 on Wednesday (December 30) morning. (source: coindesk) as the end of the year approaches, some fund managers may also be buying bitcoin, so they can boast next year that they are smart enough to enter the bitcoin market by 2020. In addition, the Federal Reserve and other central banks have been printing money wantonly, trying to avoid the worst impact of the epidemic on the economy. At the same time, trump has been urging Congress to pass a bigger bailout plan to allow for a bigger review of the stimulus package. These measures are seen by many as a potential catalyst for inflation and are detrimental to the dollar, both of which may be better than the special currency. Bitcoin’s payment range is expanding. The National Football League and its players’ Union have approved an agreement to allow Panthers to pay strike part of their $13 million salary to Russell okung, so that strike can convert it into bitcoin and pay it to Okun. “Money is not just money; it is power.” Okun said in a statement. “The way money is handled from creation to dissemination is part of that power. Paying in bitcoin is the first step out of the corrupt and manipulated economy in which we all live. ” Okun is a longtime supporter of bitcoin. “He hopes the price of bitcoin is going up in the long run,” Chris Matta, co-founder of crescent crypto asset management, said on Tuesday “This shows that his support for the LTC and the long-term bullishness of the TCD will grow further from now on.” “Bitcoin has become very attractive as a hard asset, especially during the outbreak and during all consumer concerns about the global economic and geopolitical environment,” Marta said “It’s called the new digital gold,” Mata added “It has brought bitcoin to the forefront of the portfolio this year, and has generated a lot of investor interest in it.” Mr Mata said Okun’s bitcoin could be put into an offline digital wallet, known as “cold storage.”. This gives Okun more protection against potential hackers stealing money from his account. Bitcoin accounts are not protected by the FDIC like bank accounts. “It’s a safer way to take it offline, especially for someone as outspoken as Okun,” Mata said. “Anyone who makes a voice in bitcoin is a target of cyber hackers.” According to bitcoin news website coindesk, strike also followed Okun’s lead in more collaboration with players from the Brooklyn nets and the New York Yankees. But the names of the players have not been released. Marta said Okun’s move will increase the credibility of bitcoin, which may prompt more athletes to invest in digital currency. Potential investors can also buy bitcoin through other mobile payment applications such as PayPal, cash app and square. “The epidemic has accelerated the growth of bitcoin,” Marta said “I think it’s going to happen to bitcoin anyway; but if there’s no epidemic, it might take years for bitcoin to get there.” Proofread by: Charlotte

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