Bitcoin in Arizona with the bitcoin ATM the prosperity of the network becomes more and more popular

Bitcoin in Arizona with the bitcoin ATM the prosperity of the network becomes more and more popular

As is the largest bitcoin network operator ATM Coinsource across the United States, its operations across the country 117 bitcoin ATM, and recently in Arizona installed another ATM.

Coinsource co-founder BobbySharp explained in an interview, said: “the bitcoin ATM mainly to help non physical properties by bitcoin bitcoin users and beginners and casual traders.”

More importantly, bitcoin trading platform and service providers need to implement and integrate the strict informed customers (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML) system, require customers to provide for them may be difficult to obtain the license for banks to obtain trade bills and permits the file to.

BobbySharp: bitcoin ATM even has a very difficult time in the early stage of development, it is not physical, the beginning, some were detained, but I would argue that, when someone took out a $twenty bill from the ATM, you do not know where to go.”

The United States like Arizona and many other countries, there are also several bitcoin ATM other areas including Hongkong.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, explaining two bitcoin ATMs Korea operators said bitcoin ATMs in those who seek to be particularly affected by bitcoin into cash travelers welcome.

Most of the bitcoin trading platform in their respective countries bank account, so it is difficult to register to bitcoin exchange area, and will bitcoin cash into liquidation. Therefore, bitcoin ATM does not need any additional information from the user has been shown for travelers.

Because of the above reasons, most bitcoin ATMs located in shopping malls or popular tourist destination. BitcoinATM operators and manufacturers are very clear, bitcoin ATMs has increasingly been established trading platform does not meet the requirements of users welcome.

After all, bitcoin has become the banking system and the global financial system to replace the financial network, for many users, bank vouchers and accounts of the demand may be under a lot of pressure.

At present, some regional bitcoin service providers including, is also actively with the bank and the Bank of ATM operators, provides a better method for the user, use ATMs to deliver bitcoin bitcoin.

For example, company has with Philippines bank security cooperation, allowing customers through the National Bank ATMs will be tens of thousands of bitcoin cash. In Korea, Coinplug and Hyosung cooperation, users can through tens of thousands of convenience stores ATM automatic cash coins.

In the United States and internationally, bitcoin ATM and encryption currency demand is growing fast. Companies like Coinsource are to provide bitcoin special ATM to improve the efficiency, and bitcoin service providers are trying to cooperate with more and more banks, in order to use the existing bank ATM to provide bitcoin ATM services for more users.

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