Bitcoin in the bright future of Iceland

Bitcoin in the bright future of Iceland

Iceland will soon be bitcoin and block chain startups in the green light, because the country’s Pirate Party (PirateParty) under the authority of the president’s will, and several other major political parties to form a new government. The independence party and the left Green movement leaders have failed to form a cabinet, the president decided to authorize the Pirate Party leaders to form a new government.

Iceland Pirate Party spirit of “anti establishment” principle, has always been a fanatical supporter of bitcoin. The Pirate Party members including anarchists, libertarians, hackers and geeks. It is through online voting policy, think the government should do the same. It accepts bitcoin virtual currency and donations to Iceland will become a world of bits of Switzerland, and is willing to offer Snowden asylum.

In October 29th this year, Iceland’s parliamentary elections on the same day, the Pirate Party won 14.5% of the vote. Due to the current ruling coalition had no more than half of the new session of parliament seats are more dispersed, to get more than half the seats need at least three party alliance. Therefore, the coalition has become inevitable.

It is reported that the first Pirate Party is not responsible for the cabinet preferred. The highest percentage of votes of the independence party and the Liberal Party had earlier tried, the right-wing Reform Party Central and the bright future of the party together to form a new government, but ultimately failed to cabinet negotiations.

The three major political parties in the European Union (EU), unable to reach a consensus reform and Fisheries affairs, the leaders of the green movement is a failure for similar reasons. After discussing the five major political parties in the long, it is time for the third major political parties in Iceland to set up a Pirate Party government.

In addition to anti establishment, the Pirate Party may also vigorously promote the bitcoin and other encryption currency, Iceland traditional banking may disappear, creating a digital currency history milepost. There has even been speculation that Iceland may become the first bitcoin is defined as the local currency countries. Bitcoin can not only provide independent financial services for unbanked citizens, but also help them to achieve a certain degree of privacy.

Although there is only speculation, but this situation is likely to occur. Cryptocurrencies eyes have focused Iceland community to seek further development in the future.

In any case, combined with the Pirate Party and the Iceland national policy to overhaul the country’s economy.

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