Bitcoin investment failed, the family chose to die!

After Zheng Dawei failed to invest in bitcoin, he chose to commit suicide with his family! However, fate teases people and chooses to let him stay… Do you know what you killed is your daughter? I know. How did you kill your daughter? With a knife! How was it killed? With a knife left neck Please punish me! Please sentence me to death! This is the dialogue at the trial in Dalian, Liaoning Province on December 8, 2020. The defendant, Zheng Dawei, is gentle and polite. If it were not for the trial, no one would have thought that he could be connected with the sea jumping incident of Dalian Xinghai Bay Bridge, which shocked the whole country on June 18 this year. What’s more, as the head of the family, Zheng Dawei first stabbed his three-year-old daughter’s carotid artery with a knife. When her daughter lost her breath and heartbeat, he wrapped up the child with the towel that her daughter often covered. Out of the door together with his wife, they drove up to the 18 pier of Dalian Xinghai Bay Bridge. The couple first threw the child into the sea, and then they jumped off the bridge together. As a result, his daughter died and his wife died, but Zheng Dawei fell on the bridge pier with a broken body. On December 16, the defendant Zheng Dawei, suspected of attempted suicide after killing her three-year-old daughter, was charged with intentional homicide by Dalian prosecutors for illegally depriving another person of his life and causing one death. Zheng Dawei said: everything is due to investment failure! In a crazy bitcoin operation, he lost 20 million! Zheng Dawei, born in Anshan, Liaoning Province, has never had a formal job since he graduated from university. He spent most of his time playing with finance. In recent years, Zheng Dawei has invested in bitcoin, which is now the hottest. He once made a lot of money. He was so young that he was worth tens of millions! It’s just that the windy wealth not only failed to stop Zheng Dawei, but also boosted his confidence and desire! He began to grow up. Not only did he put all his money into it, but also his parents’ 4 million, his father-in-law’s 500000, and he put together a lot of money from relatives and friends. Unexpectedly, the violent fluctuation of bitcoin has brought a disaster to Zheng Dawei, who is proud of himself! Because of the flexible operation of capital leverage, the value of money suddenly plummeted. Zheng Dawei directly lost 20 million yuan. He not only lost his fortune, but also owed a large amount of debt to his close relatives and friends! He can’t bear the result of investment failure. Zheng Dawei intends to commit suicide and die! But the wife who loves each other and has no financial resources decides to die with her husband. On June 17, 2020, Zheng Dawei first bought sleeping pills and wrote a suicide note. He was afraid that the medicine was not enough to turn on the gas when he wanted to act. But the couple hesitated until midnight and did not act because they were worried about their three-year-old daughter! Zheng Dawei said: his wife first put forward that the child should be raised by others. Let’s take the child away together! So the couple bought their daughter their favorite cake and mixed it with sleeping pills. The wife feeds it to her daughter. After her daughter’s sweet dream, Zheng Dawei was in charge. After hesitating for a long time, she stabbed her daughter’s neck, and her great artery was cut off in an instant. She didn’t even have time to cry. Left the world! Later, Zheng Dawei wrapped his daughter in a quilt, left a suicide note, and drove to Dalian Xinghai bridge with his wife. After throwing his daughter off the bridge, they immediately jumped into the sea to commit suicide. This is June 18 this year, Dalian Xinghaiwan bridge, a family of three jump bridge incident. However, Zheng Dawei did not expect that his daughter died and his wife died, but he fell on the pier and suffered a fracture all over his body! Lucky to live. Zheng Dawei was rescued by the Dalian Coast Guard and sent to the hospital. Five hours after the incident, while the search and rescue was still going on, Zheng Dawei, who was sent to the hospital, told a doctor on the side to help me call the police. I killed my daughter, and then I threw her into the sea . In the court, Zheng Dawei’s defender tried his best to reduce his crime, and then reminded the court that he had surrendered. But at the end of the trial, Zheng Dawei said: my relatives have no mental history. Although my wife committed suicide, she also committed suicide because of me. I gave the idea of killing children, and I killed people. Please give a heavier judgment! I haven’t seen my wife and children for a long time. I hope that the court can handle it strictly and give me the death penalty! Bitcoin was born in 2008, and bitcoin was recognized as a virtual commodity. Its main characteristics are that there is no centralized distributor, the total amount is limited, the use is not restricted by the region and anonymity. Since the advent of bitcoin, some criminals have seized the people’s lack of basic understanding of bitcoin and concocted various kinds of scams by using the concept of virtual currency, leading to various tragedies! There are risks in investment. Before making any investment, we should not look at the return first, but consider the bad situation. Not only to think of making a lot of money, but also to think of losing the roof! A person works, once does not consider the risk and the consequence, he stands on the cliff edge! If you give all your destiny to luck, then luck may give you some color to see! Poverty does not kill, but greed does! I hope this living tragedy can bring us more enlightenment!

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