Bitcoin investors new choice is the best hedge assets worldwide

Bitcoin investors new choice is the best hedge assets worldwide

Bitcoin is an alternative currency, and gold is similar, but because of the nature of the digital, available more bitcoin. Gold has always been used as money, but if you use an ounce of gold to the hotel room? It is impossible to complete the task. But bitcoin can do.

In early 2009, is also the beginning of the birth of bitcoin, it set off a revolution in financial technology. The bottom block chain become bitcoin financial technology world hot star. Interestingly, the block chain technology case is not limited to the financial sector, it is also in the inventory tracking, medical and authentication industry to flex its muscles. In the medical field, it can track with sensitive information; WAL-MART used it to carry out the pork supply chain tracking; it can solve the problem of identity theft, ensure the security of personal information.

But in essence, bitcoin is still a kind of currency. The initial purpose is to realize the birth of bitcoin monetary function. At present the most perfect bitcoin is the blockchain case.

In fact, the main factor is the price of currency devaluation. In the past two years, the relationship between RMB and currency price is obviously. Trading volume rose to become the China bitcoin trading center. As a hedge, bitcoin has become more and more popular, the average daily trading volume of China even more than the United States gold ETF. This phenomenon has attracted more and more institutional investors.

With foreign exchange and futures in the past decades, digital currency and assets will create new asset class for investors. If the monetary crisis cannot be effectively checked, institutional investors are likely to hold similar views.

The United States presidential election to a certain extent in order to attract more funds to return, so as to promote the country’s economic development, the idea is admirable, but there is a significant risk. The United States has capital inflows, which means that the market China development is faced with capital outflows situation. Over the past several decades, capital inflows become Chinese accelerant GDP, resulting in an increase of more than 10%. With the development of economy, enterprises, investors and China people accumulated a lot of debt, but this situation will be reversed.

Weakened liquidity brought economic instability, is likely to cause a persistent currency crisis, especially in asia. This situation is likely to attract more institutional investors bitcoin. In addition, people can also harm by Fiat to bitcoin. Despite the recent currency price volatility, but in the past two years, bitcoin has outperformed gold, its volatility is gradually weakened.

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