Bitcoin is 30000 dollars a piece, and you’re counting on the price of your house

Question: why should house prices rise against the trend in 2020? Every bitcoin costs 30000 dollars. Do you still expect the price of cabbage? Wen / Jiang zishuo says that in 2020, both enterprises and individuals will no longer expect to get rich, but they will inevitably choose the same goal of tolerance – “to live on”. However, it is clear that everyone’s pocket money is empty, and everyone is frugal. However, to the surprise of many people, house prices in 70 large and medium-sized cities will still rise in 2020. As we all know, there are a lot of houses in China’s real estate market, and the state has thrown three bars to prevent banks from lending to real estate. However, by November 2020, the growth rate of real estate development investment is still far higher than that of infrastructure investment and manufacturing investment, with a year-on-year growth of 6.8%, reaching 12949.2 billion yuan. Not to mention the frequent occurrence of local governments and the enthusiasm for real estate development and investment, let’s take a step back and say that if the real estate development investment is hindered by loans, the increment of houses slows down or even stagnates. Do you think that in the case of more and more limited houses, will the prices of houses increase or decrease? Many people think that modern people are not willing to marry and have children. Now the birth rate is very low. Most people don’t need to buy a house after 00, because they have houses at home. However, behind not getting married is that everyone wants to own a house of their own. In the past, several generations lived in a flat. Now people’s demand is not to live with their parents. Even if they are single, who doesn’t like freedom? Even if it’s marriage, modern people’s requirement is that both husband and wife have a suite, and buying a house together can’t satisfy the modern people’s sense of security. Men are still immersed in the idea that there is no girl willing to marry if they can’t afford a house, while girls have already despised men who have houses because they have their own. I know a lot of women who own houses and cars, and they own more than one house. It’s true that the housing is not fried. However, for most people who have several apartments, it is true that they want to buy a house in order to maintain its value. However, in fact, they do not intend to sell their houses for cash and have more than one suite. This is the way people show their status. Yes, in real life, there are countless middle-class people who own innumerable suites. They are not speculators in the strict sense. They buy so many houses. Of course, they have the purpose of preserving the value. However, you should know that selling houses is not their purpose. Unless they are in urgent need of money and have to, they will sell their houses. Otherwise, they will not sell their houses at all. As we all know, the price of new first-hand houses in many places is much higher than that of second-hand houses, and the so-called second-hand houses are just built a few years ago. Every developer invests in building houses in every place. The house in phase II is always more expensive than that in phase I, and the house price in phase III is higher than that in phase II. Why? Because the cost of labor and materials is rising. Therefore, the price reduction of the house is against the law of the market. Since 2020, the developed countries have been trying their best to over issue money and release water. In addition, with zero interest rate and negative interest rate policies, we can imagine the extent of international inflation in the next few years! China exports a large number of masks, vaccines, and various substances. In exchange for a large amount of money for water, it is equivalent to inflation, isn’t it? Inflation, devaluation, where will middle class money go? China’s various products have been oversupply for many years, involution competition, zero profit. All products have a shelf life, will deteriorate, aging, most products can be circulated in a few years, the house is a small number of long shelf life products. Let ordinary middle class invest in technology? Invest in education? Impossible! Invest in industry? It has been said that the supply of products exceeds the demand, the shelf life is short and easy to be discarded, and it is difficult for the real economy to make money! Stock market? Bigger bubble! The house is still relatively the most stable and value preserving option, and there is no better substitute. Therefore, in 2020, the rise of houses in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other southern cities seems inconceivable, but it is inevitable. Bitcoin is 30000 US dollars each. Do you still expect the price of real estate to be reduced to cabbage price after building less houses? Why does bitcoin break through 30000 US dollars? Because there is no place for middle class money to invest! Because the great risk of over issuing currency in developed countries is just beginning. The dollar and other currencies have no longer maintained their value. Do we have to find a reservoir?

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