Bitcoin is 500 days half distance! Bitcoin prices will be soaring?

From the bitcoin and 500 half day, which means that in the near future, the block will begin to produce the effect of reward cut again.

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Block half awards, bitcoin prices, large wood (to the soil moon) “?

A year ago today, bitcoin prices have hit its highest point ever more than $20 thousand — in exchange. Today, the community experts are concerned about bitcoin in the medium term “rebirth” possibility.

According to the historical experience shows that half awards event bitcoin block often indicates that its price will have changed dramatically, especially rose sharply.

With $BTC/ in 2018 fell 85%, the next half of the events of 2020 will bring hope to the bitcoin HODLer voice is still high.

Bitcoin evangelist Alan Hilbert (Alan Silbert) in a Twitter post to remind people of bitcoin block halved.

“Distance bitcoin half awards and 500 days”

Jake the Crypto King asked traders:

“Historically, bitcoin will be halved after the months soaring…… history will happen again?


Half price effect

This year 8 month, analysts stressed the bitcoin half cycle, each half time, every time the price will rise to the number level.

Historically, half day bitcoin does not immediately affect the price of bitcoin. On the contrary, this effect will sometimes appear in a few months ago, the next few months prices will soar. The following table shows the BTC provided by @100trillionUSD, may see in the next year and a half price trend.

Blockchain research director Garik Seaman (Garrick Hileman) said in May this year:

“In the first two months half before the incident, we see bitcoin prices rising steadily, and with half awards, bitcoin prices also rose.”

Therefore, bitcoin prices may change happen in advance before May 2, 2020.

As others have said, for Silbert, for Wall Street and institutional investors cryptocurrencies products coming to market, it is possible that the number of bitcoin users diversified, and make bitcoin spread in these users diversification.

Although previously been postponed, but the Bakkt encryption currency trading platform has Intercontinental Exchange plans to provide physical delivery of bitcoin futures in January 24th.

Although the news is mixed, but Bakkt executives recently suggested, and Starbucks (Starbucks) cooperation, will increase the retail investors using bitcoin trading point of sale opportunity.

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