Bitcoin is an agreement, not the specific code

Bitcoin is an agreement, not the specific code


To date, most of the global pool has begun to support NYA markers, the New York consensus, the whole network has more than 80% of the calculated force chose to support the New York consensus segwit2x scheme. The community has created a new bitcoin email discussion group Bitcoin-NG, is still set up with the help of Jeff. In the community’s efforts, the New York consensus in a step by step forward, but the core team still did not give up in the community, spread some rumors against the New York consensus, hinder the implementation of the New York consensus.

The Core development group accused the New York consensus segwit2x program is too hasty, the bitcoin expansion as a trifling matter, soft with hard isolation verification and bifurcation bifurcation of 2M is very stupid and bad, it is not possible, the code is not reliable. Even hope that the implementation of BIP148 scheme by splitting bitcoin hindered the New York consensus, the sinister as can be imagined.

Bitcoin community members said that BIP148 is a plot, the ultimate goal is through the split bitcoin behavior code to New York consensus pressure in response to the BIP148 threat to the community, the domestic community reiterated the New York consensus on support, with the process of implementation of the New York consensus table in advance this is a very large, risk-taking behavior, once the problem, the core team will make a fuss in the above, their outstanding stability scheme as well as the ability to write code, forcing the community to accept the core team plan,

In addition, in the case of It is all up with the development of core, some groups of supporters have been reconciled to the failure, the ability of the core development team to write code shamelessly deified, claimed that the core development team is irreplaceable, the ability to write code is the strongest, the most safe and stable.

Of course, the core team has been in control of bitcoin code base, has been responsible for the development of bitcoin, made an indelible contribution to the development of bitcoin. We have to admit that the ability of the core development team writing code, security and stability of the core development group code without any doubt. But this does not mean that the core development team is irreplaceable, technical advantages can not be the decisive factor for bitcoin future.

However, bitcoin is a kind of agreement, not the specific code. Bitcoin expansion is essentially a kind of software system upgrade, bitcoin expansion agreement to priority, rather than priority code. The code is for protocol service, rather than changing the agreement.

About bitcoin expansion, the community needs to do:

The first step: bitcoin developer or other members of the community to provide the direction of expansion;

The second step, the miners voted network community discussion and the specific direction of expansion;

The third step, provide specific expansion for bitcoin developer;

The fourth step, through community discussion and vote on specific scheme of network miner;

The fifth step, bitcoin developer is responsible for research and development plan.

The sixth step, the community for the deployment, bitcoin system upgrade according to the progress of development.

In simple terms, bitcoin expansion first determine the expansion direction, followed by the design of the code, the code design is decided by the direction of expansion, bitcoin expansion direction code design can not change the community consensus. An expansion plan no matter how perfect, how technology is mature, developers of the code ability is very strong, bitcoin expansion direction should not and cannot change the community consensus.

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