Bitcoin is as high as $50000 a piece, and its market value is close to Tencent. Can it rise to $1 million?

Every once in a while, that is, every time bitcoin breaks through tens of thousands, there will be a wave of we media failure, and I am no exception. In a few years, bitcoin has risen from $10000 to $20000, but it was only two months ago. The electronic currency without issuing cost seems to have no end point of rising. Now it has reached 50000 US dollars, equivalent to more than 320000 yuan. The market value of bitcoin issuing companies has reached an unprecedented 920 billion US dollars. Tencent’s latest market value is 920 billion US dollars, which is close to surpassing Tencent’s market value. I can’t help but wonder if this thing has a top? What makes virtual e-money double in a month? The capital market is experiencing unprecedented madness. On December 17, last year, bitcoin reached the $20000 mark for the first time. People think that the bubble will burst, so let’s go. However, if you choose to sell one at $20000, the market value will increase by 2.5 times. If you have 10 bitcoin, in two months, you will lose 300000 US dollars, and the proper Mongolian sea view house will be gone. Of course, this is the later part of the story. Everyone is greedy. Have you suffered less losses these years because you can’t understand the capital market? As ordinary workers, the opportunity to start when bitcoin is cheap is almost zero. Our education clearly tells me that this is a deception. In the world view of the common people, we can walk around the things that they can’t understand. As a result, bitcoin has nothing to do with you and me, because we don’t even have the spare money to buy it. In the past, when it was cheap, we didn’t have any spare money. In the future, we couldn’t afford it. It has been supported by market supply and demand on the one hand, and the global economic recession on the other hand. The admission of large institutions has led many investors to follow up. At the same time, bitcoin is a hidden asset without real name. If you have a large amount of money that can’t be saved in the bank, bitcoin is the ideal choice. If you change a lot of money into bitcoin, you will get only a string of digital codes. Hundreds of millions or billions of them can be replaced by a note. A large number of hidden capital has been driving into the market, leading to a growing number of people and funds. Only by constantly rising prices can more and more people and funds enter the market. Those who need it will cash out the money, and those who have no demand will get more profits in it. That’s why it keeps rising, because it’s not harvest time yet. In the early days, there was a chance to make a fortune overnight, provided that no one could stop as soon as it was good. Can bitcoin rise to one million dollars? People who have heard of or come into contact with capital operation scams all know a set of arguments for being out of the game. Bitcoin is never out of the game. It can enter the market at any time. It is the traders behind that who control the end. This is an unprecedented capital Carnival and game of courage. Some people entered the market at $30 each, but now they still intend to hold it for a long time when it is up to $50000. Some people enter the market at $1000 a piece and feel that it can still rise. When it fell to the worst, it was shipped at the cost of $1000 a piece. No one took over the offer, but it dropped to $850 and took several days to sell it. Does bitcoin have an end? Can it go up to one million dollars? This depends on the size of the Bureau. The total circulation of bitcoin is 21 million. According to the calculation of one million US dollars, it is 21 trillion US dollars. In 2020, the GDP of the United States is 15 trillion US dollars, and the market value of a company exceeds the total GPD of a country. This is a country with great wealth. Theory is theory, and practice is reality. In fact, due to the great value given to the electronic currency, which has no value, the risk is also increased by several million times. If you have spare money in your hand, you can still use the money of an intermediate car to buy a bitcoin to play with. If you have a moonlight in addition to mortgage and food and drink, you will only have to eat melons. At present, bitcoin is basically a fraud, and those who are going to collapse have been beaten in the face, but I still want to say that the scam will be exposed one day, and those who can’t get to the rooftop are the poor.

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