Bitcoin is creating a collaborative alliance intelligent contract of their own

Bitcoin is creating a collaborative alliance intelligent contract of their own

Bitcoin smart contracts create their own cooperative alliance.

Many enterprises in the global bitcoin today signed a letter of intent of the alliance, the alliance will help them develop based on bitcoin blockchain intelligent contract platform.

Today’s launch of RSK alliance is based on the RSK intelligent platform of Buenos Aires contract start-ups created by Rootstock to start.

Rootstock co-founder and CEODiegoGuti rrezZald VaR of the bitcoin ecosystem alliance described as a huge signal, and verify the enterprise how to use Blockstream to create more side chain function to the bitcoin network technology.

He said:

“Extended bitcoin to solve some of the major challenges faced by the script, but also solves the disadvantages of the protection of its intrinsic value in many bit currency.”

The 25 companies announced today, including the Hongkong enterprises Bitfinex enterprises in Losangeles BigGo, Dubai BitOasis, Atlanta BitPay, Luxemburg Bitstamp, Shanghai BTCC, Toronto JAXX and Palo Artaud Xapo.

Rootstock says RSK is the first Turing complete platform, intelligent contracts run by the bitcoin network security, RSK uses a hybrid security model, combined with the proof of work (bitcoin public network and a private network).

“The alliance plans to provide key services to the development of intelligent contract real use cases,” said Rootstock co-founder GabrielKurman.

Some large enterprises signed the alliance agreement will run the node to verify the contract and provide data to the network.

RSK released in 2016 May Lotus internal testing network, but according to their schedule, to publish a solution to use the enterprise also need more than a year.

Support member

To bridge the gap, members participate in the alliance not only signed a letter of intent.

WencesCasares founder of bitcoin wallet vendor Xapo said he believes that once the enterprise version of RSK, will be able to provide intelligent contract function bitcoin blockchain more reliable based on ability will go beyond the etheric fang.

In order to help achieve these, Casares said Xapo is in accordance with the requirements of Rootstock provide services as much as possible. Now, this means that the letter of intent, the offer purse for RSK tokens, and help other employees.

Casares said:

In this battle we are their soldiers, so we accept their orders.”

Although all of the participating companies are bitcoin companies, but not all companies only provide bitcoin services. For example, JAXX, provides a wallet can be compatible with any cryptographic currency, BitGo block chain security service.

Beyond the cryptography currency

The alliance was established on the occasion of the etheric workshops also a bifurcation in hard efforts, the statement is very easy to be regarded as essential a chance to hit the nominal competitors.

But Kurman said the planned time point many companies to join the alliance is entirely coincidental.

“Our goal is to provide financial services for the poor in the world,” he said. “In a hurry on the line or fishing is not the way we do things.”

In the interview, JAXX CEO and co-founder of AnthonyDiIorio said the etheric Fang to create smart contracts in the bitcoin will be able to achieve a more reliable block chain ecosystem development.

Co founder and CTOBenDavenport BitGo also confirmed that his company joined the alliance. “We want to support service for the blockchain what decision is the main customers,” said Davenport. “But we love the Rootstock team, and the things they want to do.”

Kurman concluded:

“A strong signal that the bitcoin community has a common goal. This is a long time since we first saw the whole ecosystem in this way agree.”

Tumeric is the next version of the test network, the company hopes to release in 2016 September. After will release the official network in the first quarter of next year.

The initial intent of the RSK alliance has signed, Rootstock said that the final document organization is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

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