Bitcoin is not a hundred percent anonymity, how to achieve anonymity reasonable?

Bitcoin is not a hundred percent anonymity, how to achieve anonymity reasonable?

Bitcoin is often used as an anonymous currency, because bitcoin in without providing any personal identity information can send and receive bitcoin. However, bitcoin itself in most cases are not one hundred percent anonymous. Send and receive bitcoins as the author published under a pseudonym, if an author’s pseudonym and their identity together, they used to write anything will get in touch with them. For bitcoin, you are receiving your anonymous bitcoin wallet. To each transaction the address will be permanently stored in the block chain. If your address and your true identity together, then every deal is about you, but the realization of anonymity is reasonable can be done.

Anonymous bitcoin purchase

You can do first is to buy bitcoin anonymity.

The first option is to buy them in cash, in order to avoid completely online transactions. Most of the online transaction is similar, it requires you to upload ID. You can use the automatic teller machine or cash to buy bitcoin is personally met with the seller. “When we use the cash to buy bitcoin” section for more information about how to use the cash to buy bitcoin.

Second the best choice is to buy them on the VirWox website. This is not really completely anonymous, because you need to disclose some information, but it is still better than most need to provide the required documents and personal bank account bitcoin transactions is better.

Here you don’t need anything, you only need a free account for virtual trading. Use this account can buy another currency — the second life of Lin Dengbi (SLL). You have different options to buy Linden dollars, such as PayPalandSkrill. But considering the anonymous a good choice is using Paysafecard Paysafecard to pay, you can buy bitcoin in any shop. With Paysafecard, even if there is no ID card, bank account or credit card, you can cash and your Virwox anonymous money. Then do not need to verify that you can easily put your second life Linden dollars into bitcoin exchange.

Finally, you can also through anonymous bitcoin bitcoin to obtain loans.

According to our experience, buy bitcoin by credit card is unlikely to be anonymous.


Mix your bitcoin

If you already have your bitcoin, especially, bitcoin users can mix transactions with each other through the use of mixer and other users, so bitcoin bitcoin mixer also known as “tumbling” or “laundry”. It is the link between you and destroy bitcoin account server. The mixer cover your bitcoin from one address to the next address flow, although bitcoin mixer can not guarantee one hundred percent anonymity, but it provides a very high level of anonymity.

We recommend that you use the online high quality services such as mixed currency, bitcoin currency or mixer mixer, they cannot link with the original for users, can regularly bitcoin transactions. In order to further strengthen the security of transactions, they provide the opportunity to use two or more than two forwarding address and the appropriate time to delay, to delete all files related transaction log immediately. You can also use SharedCoin, because it is free, but a bit complicated. In addition, if the use of anonymous Tor browser, you may try Bitcoinfog.

Note that there are a lot of fraud to provide bitcoin mixing service.

Bitcoin is usually stored in a called bitcoin wallet software. If your wallet and your personal information is recognizable, then the above information to you without help. If you want to remain anonymous bitcoin equivalent, such as paying adult sites, then you should have at least one wallet registered an anonymous account and disposable email address.

For each transaction can also use different wallets, avoid multiple transactions to track you. This is to maintain multiple independent identity. A simple method is used to maintain a wallet is to use a simple and lightweight software wallet -MultBit, which allows the management of multiple wallet in a software program.

If you want to be anonymous, we recommend that you do a bitcoin wallet, perhaps more simple approach is to use the code in

The open source bitcoin privacy Engineering (OpenBitcoinPrivacyProject) has released their first full of bitcoin wallet privacy level report, the best and the most insidious bitcoin wallet is darkwallet, then the two purse has good concealment is armory and mycelium.

Anonymous bitcoin debit card

E-coin is a British company, launched a virtual entity capable of storing bitcoin VISA debit card. To use the debit card is required to pay a small fee.

You can order is specified in the dollar, the euro and the pound in the credit card or debit card. All it needs is a valid email address and basic personal information to register, if you request a registration debit card, it will be sent to your email address. But the E-Coin has not provided the U.S. bitcoin debit card service.

You can use the E-coin credit card until you reach the limit line. You can get a no verification card and use up to $2500. Once you had to reach to the limit line, need to verify your identity – a scan of your ID or passport and proof of address, or to order a new card, if you love MasterCard, BitGold and Advancedcash of the debit card can also be.


Bitcoin transactions are never truly anonymous, you can query through the block (block chain chain is a record of bitcoin transactions recorded a comprehensive database).

Almost all transactions require you to verify your identity by sending scan certificates, also need the report of large sum transactions to the government authority. When you use bitcoin payment for goods and services, many times with your name and address to the seller. This means that people want to keep track of your trading activities, he can use your ID information to track your future transactions or on your previous trading activities. In short, this has hurt your security and privacy.

As mentioned above, this is why if you want to remain anonymous, you must do it at the same time and cost to get anonymous bitcoin.

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