Bitcoin is not mlm”

The coin circle of friends may encounter such embarrassing situation sometimes, to the new year or relatives and friends asked, “what are you doing things?” If you answered, “fried bitcoin”, a large number of people would say “that it is mlm”. I have a friend to meet such an embarrassing thing, from then on, he said “what” is he doing will not discuss every day in front of fuel relatives, just answer “to engage in the internet”. Let me tell you, the bitcoin “pyramid” what in the end.

One is to understand the definition from the pyramid. In August 10, 2005 The State Council Prohibited by the 101st executive meeting of the “ Pyramid selling The implementation of regulations “, since 11 2005 1 day. “The prohibition Pyramid selling The purpose for the maintenance of regulations “issued socialist market economy Order. Which defined the following acts are pyramid schemes:

(a) the organizer or operator through the development of staff, who asked to be the development of the development of other people to join, the development personnel directly or indirectly to the rolling development of the number of personnel for the calculation and payment (including incentives and other economic benefits, the same below), to obtain illegal benefits;

(two) the organizers or operator Through the development of staff, asked the staff to pay the fee or to subscribe goods in the form of payment, or get added to the development of other people to join the qualifications, to obtain illegal benefits;

(three) the organizer or operator through the development of staff, who asked to be the development of the development of other people to join, to form the offline relationships, and the following line sales on the basis of the calculation and payment of compensation lines, seek illegal interests.

The prohibition of marketing regulations

From the definition, identification of the pyramid is well documented, the law of the. As to the center of the bitcoin has not been officially recognized “currency”, there is no core return body, who can sell, where can sell. Buy currency in the market to sell dollars, will not bring real benefits to other people. You can also “mining” through the machine, can also be obtained from other forms, not to mention the offline relationships. Bitcoin branded as the “pyramid”, from the legal theory is not correct.

Two is the name of the first is bitcoin MLM come from. Bitcoin MLM often does with MLM organizations, many MLM organizations with virtual currency under the banner of marketing, but actually does not have any relationship with bitcoin. While many people heard the media reports, unable to see the inside of the case, directly to the “pyramid” and “coins” equate. We heard the virtual currency MLM more time, all of the original sin to the virtual currency bitcoin brother “”. The bitcoin when big brother often have to bear all the virtual currency pressure, also have to endure misunderstanding of the world.

The public security department issued a number of MLM list

Finally, the virtual currency bitcoin represented both in law and in the virtual currency market, are not mlm. Just by the sales organization name of virtual currency under the banner of cheating, no actual relationship with virtual currency.

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