Bitcoin is stable, Ethereum is eager to have a try, Bill Gates and bond king gonlak have made their voices, and the first bitcoin ETF in North America is officially listed

Fx168 financial news (North America) Thursday (February 18), although the overall U.S. stock market fell sharply, but bitcoin’s performance is exceptionally stable, currently maintained at $51880. The price of ether (ETH) broke through $1900 for the first time, approaching the key psychological threshold of $2000. Including Bill Gates, the old debt king gonlak and others have expressed their views on bitcoin, which is in the ascendant recently. At the same time, the North American market also ushered in the first bitcoin ETF in history. (bitcoin price, source: coindesk) (Ethereum price, source: coindesk) Bill Gates said in an interview with CNBC on Thursday that he had a “neutral view” over TCD, but he did recognize the importance of reducing capital transfer costs. “I don’t have bitcoin,” Gates said. I’m not short bitcoin. ” Digital funding and reducing transaction costs are “what the Gates Foundation is doing in developing countries,” he said. He also said the foundation’s focus is on dropping charges and increasing transparency, rather than protecting anonymity. Gates further pointed out that bitcoin’s volatility is driven by “fanaticism” and that it is difficult to predict how prices will develop. (source: Twitter) he said in May 2018 that “if there was an easy way” he would short bitcoin, which he had received as a birthday gift but soon sold it. At the 2018 reddit forum, gates claimed that the anonymity of cryptocurrency “caused death in a fairly direct way”, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts were not happy about it. Jeff gundlach, known as the “king of debt”, said in a recent tweet that he was not very bullish on gold and called bitcoin a “stimulus asset,” referring to the rebound in the cryptocurrency against the backdrop of massive aid injections into the financial system. “I’ve been bullish on the dollar bear market and gold bull market for a long time, but I’ve been neutral to the dollar and gold for more than six months. A large amount of liquid is poured into the funnel to form a torrent. Bitcoin could be a stimulus asset. Gold doesn’t look like gold. ” Gonlak wrote on twitter. He praised bitcoin’s “huge supply and demand dynamics” in recent months, but he also criticized the rapid rise in the price of bitcoin. In an interview with CNBC on January 11, he said he was neutral about bitcoin after it broke through $23000. “I don’t like bitcoin here, I don’t like that kind of thing that’s above the top,” he said. (source: Twitter) and North America’s first bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange today. The ETF, developed by Toronto based purpose investments, received trading approval from the Ontario Securities Commission last week. Purpose’s ETF is the first of two bitcoin ETFs expected to be launched by the Toronto Stock Exchange this week. The ETF will allow retail investors to invest in bitcoin without directly holding bitcoin assets. The codes are BTCC. B (in Canadian dollars) and BTCC. U (in US dollars). It can be held in a registered account such as RRSP, TFSA or resp, with an annual management fee of 1%. According to som seif, founder and chief executive of pure investments, Canadian regulators see it as an important market product. Last week, Timothy lane, deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, warned that cryptocurrency was a “speculative Mania” and a “flawed way of payment,” with bitcoin’s price hitting an all-time high. He also said the Bank of Canada was developing its own digital currency. Researchers at the University of Calgary are helping the bank. However, Alfred Lehar, an associate professor at the University of Calgary, says the risks of buying purpose-based ETFs are different from buying bitcoin directly. “On the one hand, it may be safer to invest in the fund if we think that the trustee of the fund can better protect bitcoin from hackers.” “On the other hand, if the price of the fund does not keep up with the price of bitcoin, there may be a bit of risk in the investment, which we call basic risk.” He thinks bitcoin will continue to exist, but he doesn’t think it will become an important payment channel in the near future. “In the long run, we should invest in assets that generate some value, such as companies that innovate or produce the products we need,” he said “Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, but it has a limited number. In this sense, it is similar to gold.” Proofread by: Charlotte

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