Bitcoin is the center of the pursuit of the ultimate “”

Bitcoin is the center of the pursuit of the ultimate “”

Bitcoin blockchain is revolutionary cases in the history of the first to the center of the form, a perfectly logical consistency is consensus. “To the center” is only a representation, the goal is the true logic of the consensus, in this sense, bitcoin is not a simple “to the center”, the essence is the ultimate “center”, the best part is the “center” and “center” two contradictions surface fusion together.

Personally think that the human society in history is long in the form logic there is no consensus that “to the center of the state. The legend of the Babylon tower is the ancient human ever closer to the overall consensus of good state, people in the world at that time spoke the same language, communication without difficulty, so to work fast, engineering progress. God see in the eyes, anxious heart, feel so down, people will be aware of their powerful, God can’t put them in the hand pinch pinch flat round. God thought to a. He let the people in the world speak many languages, don’t understand each other, then there is the misunderstanding, struggle, and even war. A primitive together soon fall apart, the tower of Babel has become unreachable legend.

The tower of Babel

The legend of authenticity somewhat difficult to research, but the record of the history of human society is indeed there has been “dispute”, in the micro control center has a variety of forms (with various groups and the government), the macro is to the center of the lack of consensus on the “sick”, because of conflict of interests of some elite group lead over the dispute, when the two sides can not reach a consensus, and interest has great enough, a deadly war will break out, and people can only continue to serve as the underlying P victim.

The emergence of the Internet, to the “sick” society called a change, but unfortunately, the Internet has open, out of control to “closed control,” again in the human pursuit of the interests of the selfish gene, which is the micro macro siege separatist activities, lack of consensus and feuding, similar to UGC, the share of the economic mask, to P people temporary rights and carnival, just to give the new interest groups siege contribute more bricks, but imperceptibly betrayed his happy since.

Fortunately, the creator might be interested may accidentally releases “Nakamoto” spirit of creation, brought a drastic bitcoin block chain the liberation of the human soul agent.

Block chain to reach a consensus in logic, go further, you can imagine, there will be a landmark agreement to form the ultimate technology center. When the whole mankind because the evolution of technology in the form of logical and can reach consensus, is a new “Tower of Babel” appeared on the.

People to join the tide of the chain block, maybe I should ask, is the “Tower of Babel” can contribute to the future change of P, or choose to open the future to build a new siege tower palace for himself?

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