Bitcoin is worth 50000 dollars. Is it still time for ordinary people to invest?

As you can see, there have been several hot searches in the currency circle recently, and it seems that the heat is still rising. As I said before, this rise has broken through the defense line, and is no longer the simple fluctuation mechanism. In Tesla’s article, I boldly predicted that bitcoin would rise to 53000 this time. In fact, it is not without responsibility What is the basis. Judging from the current available value, no matter from the news of any currency circle, the development of these days has been shocking. Even some coins have been listed directly in funds. This brings us back to the most simple purpose of money. For example, the currency we use now is nothing more than a string of numbers in our SMS. Many people do not have them for convenience When you go out with paper money, its value is reflected by the guarantee of the state, but it is basically a medium of transaction. From any point of view, the way and method of bitcoin transaction can be competent for any commodity transaction. To see it purely, it is a currency with its advantages. Because of the restrictions set at the time of its establishment, its total amount is so much and it circulates in the market In the process of adjustment, it also has a certain amount of loss, so if its price follows the market, it can completely grow higher than the inflation price, which is its value. Is cryptocurrency suitable for ordinary people? In fact, this question is a question that many people want to ask. Can ordinary people regard the investment in cryptocurrency as a kind of other income? My answer is very clear, and it has never changed. People who have fun can now play freely. As long as the possibility of loss under the normal operation of the main board currency is not large, and those who have not played, do not run into the entrance. The value I mentioned above is As good as it is, the inherent risk will be as high. Compared with understanding the value embodiment, we can find that the essential difference is that there is no guarantee and there are no standardized rules. He can fall for nothing, just when you eat a French fries. It can also make you 65000 longer, tens of millions of sleep time. Its risk is too big, if the people who have not been contacted rush in now, it is difficult to grasp the position. As for Tesla’s $1.5 billion admission, bitcoin has soared. In fact, Tesla’s actions during this period of time are very many, and many of them can directly break people’s waists. First, when the leeks in the United States hit the organization violently, they fought furiously on the leek side, and then invested $1.5 billion into bitcoin. In fact, I personally look at his practices very directly, but I don’t think about them The consequences of making money, and then realizing the dream. His Mars project, after repeated failures, is very difficult to cheat the big head. He can only use his business influence to do a lot of things, including the dog currency which has been soaring in front of him, and his profit will not be less. The purpose is to speed up the accumulation of wealth, but it is his call that has broken many bitcoin restrictions. The currency circle has always been a place for people to dream about. The profiteers leave happily and live their dream life. However, most of them dream of breaking the letter codes and returning to reality to lead a more difficult life. Now, the public opinion guidance has been hyping the existence of bitcoin. I am afraid that there will be a large number of Chinese “dreamers” running in, and then let the institutions kill them To tell you all this, always remember that the higher the value of something, the greater the inherent risk. When the eldest mother of the vegetable market knows about bitcoin and plans to fry bitcoin, it will be the day when institutions begin to close their swords.

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