Bitcoin is worth more than $50000 per piece, with a market value exceeding Tesla by $920 billion

Recently, the price of a single bitcoin has exceeded US $50000, reaching US $920 billion in the asset market value ranking, surpassing Tesla. Currently, Tesla has a market value of $780 billion. Since the third quarter of 2020, the price of bitcoin has been rising. First, the price of a single piece has exceeded $10000, and so far the price has increased by five times. Analysts in the industry believe that Tesla’s purchase is the main driving force for the price rise of bitcoin. As a star enterprise in the industry, Tesla’s every move will cause great concern in the industry. Its founder, musk, has created a new business model and created a car with electronic products, which is completely different from the traditional car. And at present, the market value of Tesla has exceeded the combined market value of 9 major automobile brands, such as Volkswagen, Toyota and Honda. In addition, the promotion of Musk’s space project SpaceX also makes the industry have an unspeakable pursuit of musk. This kind of potential enterprise’s purchase of bitcoin gives the industry more confidence in the future development of bitcoin. With the attention and promotion of blockchain technology in many countries, the development of bitcoin has been recognized and accepted by more people. Looking back on the development of bitcoin, we can see that bitcoin has become an important pole in the field of capital, which is a roller coaster development. The current unit price is beyond people’s imagination. Investors also remind us that we should pay more attention to the risk when buying bitcoin. (proofread / value)

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