Bitcoin Jesus consider providing double reward for bitcoin miners

Bitcoin Jesus consider providing double reward for bitcoin miners

At present, the bitcoin community are carrying out some interesting discussions. RogerVer is one of the early adopters of bitcoin, he recently published an interesting statement. He said he would consider the out of pocket, bitcoin block award from the current 12.5BTC to 25BTC.

Technically, in addition to the bifurcation of bitcoin source code, can not increase the current block reward. Of course, this is not RogerVer want.

In fact, it is still not clear whether RogerVer intends to make the block plans to double the reward.

RogerVer is discussing a bold plan

At present, there is a huge debate between Core, Classic and Unlimited developers. They support the expansion of the solution is very different. However, the final choice is in the hands of the miners.

And one way to miners, mining is by increasing the reward. RogerVer said he would double the normal block reward 12.5BTC, or even 3 times. Although this may not be a long-term plan, but there is no doubt that it will be very interesting. He also clarified that this way with the purchase of computing power is different, but a purchase of additional coins, and return it to the community the way.

RogerVer admits that he would pay for his purchase of mine pool is

-Gonzo (@gonzoucab) November 2, 2016

Mine pool incentive is a double-edged sword concept. The miners have been treated by mining and trading block won the reward. Now add extra motivation seems to be a little too much. It is not prohibited or immoral, but any such way is not sustainable.

Encourage bitcoin miners, then let bitcoin miners more dispersion is a worthwhile choice. Although the double block reward or three times may be some outrageous, but considering the miners is not easy, a lot of people for their efforts to pay a little extra return.

Finally, it all boils down to solve the scalability problem of bitcoin. The idea of RogerVer may be controversial. But it also offers some creative thinking. Look at this idea can achieve the goal, it will be very interesting.

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