Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver: quantum chain can effectively improve the efficiency of industry chain, it should pay attention to all

Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver: quantum chain can effectively improve the efficiency of industry chain, it should pay attention to all

In the past the European Conference on the development of Ethernet square, qtum quantum chain founder announced a handsome early good news, “bitcoin Jesus” RogerVer is quantum chain concern and investors. When it comes to quantum chain, Roger commented: “Qtumisdefinitelyoneoftheprojectseveryoneshouldbekeepingtheireyeon.” (qtum quantum chain worthy of all the attention.)


Subsequently, published an article on quantum chain (Qtum) interview, and co-founder of the quantum chain handsome beginning quantum chain how to combine the technical details of bitcoin Ethernet UTXO model and discusses the virtual machine workshop. Handsome first elaborated quantum chain project details and said that quantum chain’s goal is to continue through the platform, development and commercial products as well as the landing project development and iteration, gradually formed the blockchain economy, improve industry efficiency, promote the coordinated development of the high efficiency of society. (BC): can briefly explain to the reader about our quantum chain foundation and quantum chain project?

Handsome beginning: quantum chain is the first POS based intelligent contract platform UTXO model, can realize the bitcoin ecosystem and etheric workshop ecological compatibility, and through the mobile terminal strategy, to promote the blockchain technology products and improve the industry chain block is easy to use, to be real social and commercial block chain connecting the world. Therefore, quantum chain is a master application platform of a chain block.

Quantum fund chain is the highest decision-making body quantum chain project, headquartered in singapore. From quantum chain bitcoin and etheric Fang “essence”, two “abandon the dross”, so that Qtum can easily deploy any bitcoin improvement proposal (BIP), but also provides convenience for the etheric Fang DAPP transplanted to Qtum.

BC: quantum chain use bitcoin client version 0.13 and Ethernet square virtual machine, this is for what consideration?

Handsome beginning: the bitcoin network security has been running for 8 years, the total market value has reached $16 billion. These facts verify bitcoin security code from the side. So we chose the bitcoin core code, and in the quantum chain design adds a new design “account abstraction layer” to make bitcoin, UTXO model can be run on EVM.

In addition, we are still in the quantum chain code adds three new operation code, EVM implementation, convenient operation of various parameters in UTXO model.

One might ask, “since there has been such a successful design of Ethernet workshop, why to design a smart contract platform?”

The answer is “parallelism”. The design idea of the etheric Fang “linear”, “parallel” cannot handle multiple intelligence contracts. We refer to the design of Ethernet square, and increase the parallel processing ability of the contract in quantum chain platform. And behind closed doors, not learn widely from others’strong points.

Although quantum chain provides a comprehensive solution, but we do not want to appear two code base incompatible situation. Therefore, the design of quantum chain can make a lot of UTXO model based on the platform, such as bitcoin, Wright currency can be a little modification to quantum chain collaborative work. In addition, BIP is also the “necessary”.

The blockchain recorded all of the transaction information, we do not want to see the two to confirm the results of the blocks in the same transaction. UTXO model is paid to the script Hashi (P2SH) and multi signature security features can effectively prevent the occurrence of bifurcation, double the.

Of course, in addition to the reasons mentioned before, the development of the use of more mature EVM we can make the development team will focus more on the quantum chain of other core function, improve the sustainability of our project.

BC: do you think the contract will intelligent is widely used in the near future?

Handsome early: in my opinion, the blockchain contract many enterprises will use intelligent automation process. In the past few years, many industries have been used to explore the blockchain technology. We firmly believe that quantum chain platform can accelerate the block chain enterprise deployment steps, rather than just stay in the proof of concept phase. Once the enterprise blockchain intelligent deployment of a large number of contracts, more user oriented application block chain will appear.

BC: can you explain the “master contract”?

Handsome early: for the convenience of the mainstream commercial applications, we added Oracle and data feed based on intelligence of the contract (datafeeds), the formation of “master and active”. So, through the introduction of chain data, change the traditional intelligent contract operation mode and life cycle.

BC reported that the Qtum team has been a “gangster” currency in the circle of support, can reveal more details?

Handsome: Yes, at the beginning of the quantum chain got famous bitcoin entrepreneur RogerVer support. Roger because of its unique and bold bitcoin investment experience by the media as “bitcoin Jesus”. Roger support provides a strong endorsement for quantum chain project, we have reason to believe that the development will take the whole block quantum chain chain community forward.

In addition, we also obtain the etheric Fang founder AnthonyDiIorio, distributed fund partner Shen Bo, fast drop founder Chen Weixing and many other industry heavyweights support.

BC: why choose the rights that quantum chain consensus mechanism (PoS)?

Handsome early: in the basic architecture was originally quantum chain design stage, we on this issue conducted a rigorous analysis and in-depth discussion of the core team of JordanEarls developers have even created a new set of PoW algorithm. We spent a lot of time to discuss whether PoW can meet the design requirement for us, and its resistance to ASIC will be enough to counter the center of the hash function?

In addition, we also learned from the enterprises of different industries, the use of network and maintain the stability of mining is not a good choice, enterprise users do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to figure out how PoW works. We believe that the inefficient mining should not have a negative impact on the efficiency of block chain technology. With our financial institutions, logistics providers, manufacturers exchange in-depth, more sure to use PoS powerful consensus mechanism.

Proof of interest application direction consensus mechanism model are explained in detail in the “PoS white paper”. The initial version of the SunnyKing protocol has some potential security vulnerabilities, quantum chain team did a lot of repair bug, and joined the incentive measures to encourage nodes continued online access to more rewards, rather than on the exchange traded tokens or coins were accumulated.

In a word, the efficiency and safety of PoS make our final choice of PoS as a consensus mechanism of quantum chain.

BC: can you explain the “spark network” (Sparknet)?

Handsome early: “spark network” is the core of the application of quantum chain test environment. In contrast we spark network bitcoin core programming language to modify, and joined the “account abstraction layer”, thus completing the integration of bitcoin core code version 0.13, workshop Ethernet virtual machine and PoS consensus mechanism. In addition, quantum chain tokens will also be tested in spark networks. We will also spark network main applications of contract execution scenarios for testing and repair system bug. The network will spark in the months after the start of the sale of public release.

BC:Qtum is a perfect contract for smart leak detection and repair mechanism of TheDAO, so as to avoid similar incidents from happening again?

Handsome early: We performed vulnerability detection and repair through the following two ways: first, the design method of semantic testing based on contract deployment in quantum chain before going for a perfect and systematic, to ensure that the code is accurate and complete; second, quantum chain will build a smart contract Center for various industries, smart contracts the template such as supply chain management, communication, networking, social networking standard, for developers to reference.

BC: the last question, what is the ultimate goal of quantum chain foundation?

Handsome early: Quantum Fund recently released a white paper chain chain block chain quantum economy 32 page “. In the paper, we on the quantum chain Foundation’s goal gave a clear explanation, in four years, the fund will gradually change the quantum chain is a non-profit organization, and the quantum chain platform entirely to the community to manage.

The fund will be in the initial stage of development, promote the escort for the quantum chain project, and improve environmental governance, instead of “control” project development.

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