Bitcoin key or successful match three, much of the existing algorithm?

Bitcoin key or successful match three, much of the existing algorithm?


According to foreign media reports, the encryption algorithm LargeBitcoinCollider (LBC) enthusiasts trying for nearly eight months, the encryption algorithm to create a bitcoin wallet address through violent sabotage, have generated 3000 trillion keys, and keys and existing bitcoin wallet address are compared. At present, the organization selected 30 matched key, but which may be specifically for solving “phishing” key, really contain matching key bitcoin may be three.

Crack about bitcoin’s idea, the industry consensus is that its security is difficult to break. So LargeBitcoinCollider from the field of bitcoin find the key idea of the lifting of the blockade, the industry has been considered impossible. Now the three matching key aroused more attention, because if this is true, bitcoin encryption algorithm in the part will fail. The key method of mining screening work, it means that bitcoin break may increase.

Interestingly, the practice of LargeBitcoinCollider, from a research perspective, can actually be used in the comparison from the address, the address is demonstrated in the past generation security is weak, and the address has been cleared of the attacker. That is to say, this ratio can be found bitcoin algorithm is two vulnerabilities, you can see the current situation of attack.

In addition, the LargeBitcoinCollider organization’s behavior purpose, although they had been considered by the identity of the hackers to steal someone else’s wallet, even labeled the “illegal” label. But the LargeBitcoinCollider does not find the key to bitcoin itself for the purpose. The organization sponsors Rico has stressed that in the mining process of screening, the collision attack, allowing users to input data, after bitcoin address hash algorithm, direct key generation and address matching. This collision may make bitcoin to the new address types continue to evolve. That is to say, for LargeBitcoinCollider organizations, more importantly, is not to steal bitcoin, bitcoin is not to die, but in a possible attempt to bitcoin new algorithm. (say more, or try to break bitcoin does not attack the myth)

Bitcoin business from 2009, the founder of the Cong dug 50 bitcoins, has climbed to $0.05 from $1215 today. In addition, at the beginning of the year and measurement platform bitcoin to estimate the value of $14 billion, higher than the same period Twitter the highest market value of $11 billion 300 million. This time LargeBitcoinCollider bitcoin algorithm of the collision, will cause investors to consider new?

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