Bitcoin legalized? Russia will do “eat crab” second people?

Bitcoin legalized? Russia will do “eat crab” second people?

According to reports, in 2018 sometime, the Russian government may admit the use of coins as a legitimate financial instruments. If bitcoin legalize it, then Russia will become after Japan second “eat crab” countries. However, the Russian government had the attitude of bitcoin has been repeatedly.

In 2014 the Russian General Prosecutor’s office clearly prohibit the use of bitcoin in Russia, the first half of 2015 attitude seems to have softened, began to negotiate the circulation and regulatory bitcoin, to the second half of the Ministry of Finance proposed a motion plan to restrict access to virtual currency issuance and circulation of the website. Most users involved in bitcoin transactions will face 4 years in prison.

In 2016 May, Russia again transferred to launch a digital currency of the country and to prohibit bitcoin and other digital currency. By August, Russian Deputy finance minister said publicly, will no longer adhere to a comprehensive ban bitcoin.

The second half of 2016 news that Russia will usher in the first digital currency exchange.

It is reported that regulators want to accept bitcoin and other virtual currency legal tender status in 2018, and to seek more effective laws and regulations to prohibit the illegal transfer of funds.

The regulator said: “the country needs to know the information of each transaction, the buyer who is, who is the buyer, this is a bank business.”

Many countries have reservations on virtual money attitude. The Russian Ministry of finance last year also had bitcoin transactions submitted strictly act, the use of bitcoin trading company executives may face fines, 1 million -250 million rubles jailed for 7 years; the use of bitcoin transactions may face a fine of 500 thousand rubles, and jailed for 4 years; bitcoin miners could face a fine of 1 million rubles. The highest and jailed for 6 years. However, the “inverse bitcoin” bill has been suspended.

Russia is now a total of 200 thousand encryption currency users, ranking fifth in the world, so if bitcoin is listed as legal currency, virtual currency will be further development in russia.

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