Bitcoin legend comeback: the push block chain to fund China

Bitcoin legend comeback: the push block chain to fund China

Bitcoin history a controversial “influential man” comeback.

On February 27th at 10:30 in the morning, known as one of the bitcoin community “legend” Charlie Schrem (CharlieShrem) who appeared in a Chinese broadcast platform, began to talk him out of prison after new business plan.

Bitcoin legend comeback: the push block chain to fund China

Live in Schrem

Chose in China live, Schrem said that he is going to in the afternoon of February 28th Beijing time, to launch a China investors by the actual assets of endorsement blockchain asset securitization project, set up in the Cayman Islands Central Avenue (Mainstreet) block chain investment fund.

According to Schrem introduction, this project is based on Ethernet Fang (Ethereum) asset tokens to achieve, buy a token is equivalent to an entity holding company shares, not satisfied with the project can always sell tokens, does not require the exit time. Ethernet square is bitcoin outside of the second generation digital encryption currency platform, Ethernet (ETH) currency business circulation on the platform, but also a kind of virtual assets.

Familiar with Schrem block chain technology researchers, founder of Ming Gong block chain pencil surging news explained that the project operation is the use of digital currency funds, and investment in the United States enterprises receive dividends.

“Xiruimu said generally to invest in operation for more than 35 years of medium-sized enterprises,” Gong Ming said.

The first phase of the project to raise funds for $25 million. From the official information, the first project of the fund to do is an American garbage disposal enterprises.

Some surprising is that Schrem said that although the fund docking is American enterprises, but not a citizen of the United States open. As for why Chinese open, he said because of love Chinese culture, hope and China win-win situation, he is now in their daily maintenance in Chinese social group. But insiders said is for legal reasons.

The entire broadcast lasted 30 minutes. Live background have been carefully arranged, in addition to put a statue of Buddha, also put a framed picture of the word “love”, and also a piece of calligraphy. When you see the watch live more than 1000 people, Schrem “wow” a sound, very surprised.

Bitcoin legend comeback: the push block chain to fund China


A new project on Xiruimu, Dacheng Law Firm senior partner Liu Xinyu lawyer told the surging news said on the website of the information disclosure of the poor, this project suggest cautious wait-and-see attitude, “from the perspective of investor protection, there exist some problems in the net station did not express out: Cayman fund legal restrictions on the number of investors? A concept of qualified investors? How to ensure the authenticity of the information project? How to turn into RMB dollar fund? Who is the owner of the virtual currency, the basic right and the shareholders of the company is how to operate? The exit mechanism is to sell the etheric coins, how to determine the selling price? To whom? How do you sell? Withdrawal of funds report if just buying and selling price, and how corporate equity returns and valuation? Hang out the whole English protocol (subscription agreement and limited partnership agreement), the applicable law is the law to sign the agreement with that? How to ensure the rights of shareholders?”

Because of the money laundering storm jailed

Although Xiruimu is now only 27 years old, but this small Jewish bitcoin is “the first person”.

“He is bitcoin industry veteran figure, bitcoin early experimenters, is also the first bitcoin payment and the combination of people,” commented on Xiruimu Gong ming.

When Schrem read a senior at Broolyn college began to invest in bitcoin, then the price of only $3-4, he bought thousands. And now the bitcoin price is about 300 times of the year.

But Schrem did not want to be a mediocre bitcoin investors, in August 2011, he asked for $10 thousand from their parents, and find an angel investor, a total of about $135 thousand, was the world’s first bitcoin payment company Bitlnstant. Before the establishment of this company, people buy bitcoin through bank transfer, the efficiency is very low, the number of days to arrival, which greatly accelerated the process of Bitlnstant.

“As far as I know, most Americans buy bitcoin is through Schrem’s company,” an industry source said.

Let Xiruimu life turning point occurred in the silk road is the money laundering case in 2014 “”.

One is called the Silk Road (SilkRoad) website is an underground drug market, only to accept bitcoin payments. In 2012, a money broker “Silk Road BTCKing” a lot of cash dollars deposited in Bitlnstant, then turn out bitcoin. BTCKing often break Bitlnstant $1000 a day to monitor the transfer restrictions, Xiruimu was abnormal and Feng Ting account. But because BTCKing is a big customer, Bitlnstant eventually gave up to legal problems in the.

“When the mail records show that Schrem knew that the money from the Silk Road, also know that the silk road is involved in the drug trade, but as a payment company, he did not report, so it involves money laundering case,” an insider told the surging news said.

In April 2014, the Reuters reported Schrem for illegal fund transfer by the United States federal government charges. He was charged with BTCKing and Mami RobertFaiella conspired to marijuana website silk road users to sell $1 million worth of bitcoin. Prosecutors said they know these bitcoins will be used for illegal drug trade. In January of that year, Schrem has been arrested at J.F.Kennedy.Apt Airport in New York. Eventually, Schrem was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment in March 2015 began his sentence at the fort Lewis federal prison camp.

Hiram is currently in prison 3 years after the release of the supervision period.

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