Bitcoin & mainstream currency: BTC low test still needs

Brief comment on information This year, the capital inflow of cryptocurrency funds exceeded $5 billion. According to the latest data of asset management company coinshares, the total investment of investors in cryptocurrency funds and products has reached $5.6 billion so far this year, an increase of more than 600% compared with that in 2019. Capital inflows, combined with the latest price changes, will bring the industry’s assets under management close to $19 billion in 2020. By the end of 2019, its assets under management only reached US $2.57 billion. Market analysis btcusdt analysis: Review: yesterday’s price consolidation at a high level suddenly came out of a rapid step back. With the sharp decline of the back row currencies, the overall market sentiment fluctuated, and the lowest price was around 21900. Today: today’s price remains a low test state, and the short-term support can be clearly seen here. It is possible to try to see the position of the order. Summary: there is still demand for the test of low point, but At present, we can see that the support effect is obvious, and the mainstream market ethusdt analysis: For the current break structure of eth, it will rebound when it reaches a supporting position. After the rebound, it will form an interval or test again, and there will be no trend rise. EOS SDT analysis: The structure of EOS is too bad. The structural properties are destroyed here. But there will still be a rebound on support: bchusdt analysis: The current decline of BCH is also very deep. At present, there is support in this area, where a rebound will occur first. Observe the effect of the rebound. Bsvusdt analysis: BSV is still in a kind of wide fluctuation structure, which is still relatively weak in the short term, so it needs to be analyzed by ltcusdt LTC as a strong variety, the short-term drop to 50% of the support will produce a strong rebound, but there will still be a test process in the later stage. Linkusdt analysis: Link is currently in a weak position. The neck line of M head will rebound in the short term. If the strength of the rebound is not strong enough, it is easy to break the neck line position. Xrpusdt analysis shows that The current form of XRP is extremely ugly, where the support will rebound, but it is easy to break the position to form a vibration range

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