Bitcoin & mainstream currency: BTC will rebound in the short term, but it is still in a dangerous area

Brief comment on information “Bitcoin mining comes to the Arctic Circle” was ranked No.22 on the microblog hot search list. Today, “bitcoin mining comes to the Arctic Circle” was ranked 22nd on the microblog hot search list. It is reported that at present, the electricity cost of bitcoin mines in the Arctic is only US $0.04 per kilowatt hour, and the local climate is cold, which greatly reduces the cost of bitcoin mining. Bitcluster, a Russian cryptocurrency miner, has set up a mine in the Arctic, located in the Norilsk Industrial Zone on the taymyr Peninsula, according to gold finance. Market analysis btcusdt analysis: Review: yesterday’s price began to rebound violently, but it still fell rapidly in the evening. However, the low point has not broken. Today: today’s price continues to fall, but the key position of the core has not broken and started to rebound. The core focus on the strength of the rebound: at present, it will rebound in the short term, or it is still in a dangerous area, and it focuses on the strength of the rebound. The mainstream market ethusdt analysis: The short-term support position of eth has rebounded after falling, and the right side of such large cycles as here is more secure EOS SDT analysis: EOS is still fluctuating with the market fluctuation, and the fluctuation range is reduced. Bchusdt analysis shows that EOS fluctuates with the market fluctuation BCH will also follow the rebound in the short term, but the structure of large period is relatively poor, so we need to wait for the strength of the rebound here to confirm and strengthen bsvusdt analysis: The price of BSV has basically reached the previous low point, and there will be a slight rebound, but the performance is still not very good, and the volatility is low. Ltcusdt analysis: In LTC, the fluctuation amplitude also began to decrease, and the center of gravity of support position began to rise Although the trend of link is complete, the whole trend is not smooth. Here we wait for the strong support position to fall back, and then consider the entry xrpusdt analysis: With the decrease of XRP fluctuation amplitude and its decrease, the heat also began to decrease, so it will not be considered for the time being

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