Bitcoin & mainstream currency: BTC’s short-term resistance has not been resolved, and the shock drop will continue

Brief comment on information Insight into the data on bitcoin chain: miners prefer to hoard coins, only 12% of which are in real circulation. The less coins are in the exchange, the more coins they hold, the better the trend of currency price will be. This is a major trend change that has rarely been seen before, and people are obviously happy to see such a change, because the currency price has obviously improved. Correspondingly, there are more and more currency in hodl address. Most of bitcoin is actually lying quietly in the cold wallet. Only a few of them come out to be traded, used and pledged. In other words, it is the 12% of bitcoin that determines the price of bitcoin. Market analysis btcusdt analysis: Review: yesterday, the price finished the test of low point and showed high support. Here, the short-term support effect is very obvious, and at the same time, it ushered in the action of high price operation in the evening. Today: after the price rises obviously, it will fall again in the short term, and produce a range of shocks. Summary: at present, the short-term resistance has not been resolved, and the shock drop will continue to be the mainstream market ethu SDT analysis: At present, ETH is still very weak, and the combination is relatively poor, and there is a demand for low point test, eosuddt analysis: The current trend structure of EOS is extremely weak, and it is still the orphan of the market; there is support at the lower neck line position, even if it rebounds, the price will still be weak. Bchusdt analysis: Although the current trend structure of BCH is straight up and down, the price keeps another upward trend, with 50% rising here. There is a supporting effect of bsvusdt analysis At present, there is support at the bottom of BSV, but the point of its chicken ribs lies in the existence of many needles. Up and down, it is not a high-quality choice at present. Ltcusdt analysis: At present, the strength of LTC’s rebound is good. Although there is a decline, it is easy to form a high oscillation range At present, link is still in a volatile structure, where there is strong support in the short-term lower volatility range. However, if the rebound is weak, then this and its large breakout are analyzed by xrpusdt XRP appeared extremely bad news, and directly dropped; here, due to the rapid rise in the early stage, it is not suitable to go to the bottom, and then more is very dangerous behavior; there is still room for decline in the short term

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