Bitcoin & mainstream currency: wave like rise in the short term, and there is room for replenishment in the later period

Brief comment on information Wang Yongli: the choice of digital currency can only be the digitization of legal tender. Recently, Wang Yongli, chief economist of Haiwang Group and former vice president of Bank of China, said in an interview that the essence of currency is general equivalent, serving for exchange and playing the role of exchange medium. The core function of currency is value scale. In order to play the role of monetary value scale, we need the basic stability of monetary value. To achieve the basic stability of monetary value, we must theoretically make the total amount of a country’s currency correspond to the value scale of social wealth that can be protected and traded by law within the scope of national sovereignty. From this point of view, before the global integration governance, the choice of digital currency can only be the digitization of legal tender, which is the digital currency of the central bank. He also pointed out that digital finance needs more strict supervision. One of the most important points is that financial technology companies and financial agencies must be separated, and financial agencies must be licensed. Market analysis btcusdt analysis: Review: yesterday, BTC still maintained a large period of shock structure. At present, the fluctuation range in this structure is becoming smaller, and the price is beginning to converge. Here, we still need to wait for the test of the lower support position. There are signs of deceleration in the structure. Today: today’s price is in the eth In the rhythm of a strong new high, it has also gone out of the short-term wave shaped rise. Here is the space for the later stage of supplementary rise: the short-term wave shaped rise, the space for the later period of supplementary rise. The mainstream market ethusdt analysis: Eth has recently started to lead the pace and break new highs, which is also a statement for the market. Here, after the daily high, it continues to be bullish. Eosuddt analysis shows that Although EOS is weak, the center of gravity at the bottom has been rising, and the market sentiment value is relatively good. There is a high probability that there will be a make-up in the later period. However, the sustainability is still not very good at present. Bchusdt analysis shows that the market sentiment is relatively good BCH’s center of gravity has been rising after the strong wide range of finishing structure here, and it will still maintain a wide range of strong concussion in the later stage. Bsvusdt analysis: At present, BSV’s current state of attracting more is not very friendly, and the formation of a hold up plate is not conducive to the later supplementary inflation. Ltcusdt analysis shows that the current situation of BSV is not very friendly LTC also began to strengthen in the short term. As a strong variety in the back row, LTC will continue to be strong in the short term After the link broke through 20, it indicates that a new wave of trend market has begun. Here, a short-term trend line can be formed, and xrpusdt analysis can be conducted directly according to the trend line At present, the heat and amplitude of XRP are obviously reduced, and the vibration structure of the box is still the same in the short term

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