Bitcoin market analysis with short long downward retreat

Bitcoin market analysis with short long downward retreat

1, market trend

Today is April 14, 2017. According to the bitcoin trading network btctrade market shows the current price of $1187.9. Yesterday morning at the beginning of currency price volatility fell by 1 hours, after a rally to support MA60. Then, the bears on the return of the king, was to suppress the price of RMB 1163 to the first line, to observe the long before the transaction intensive areas support.

Bitcoin trading network market

4 hours chart, the average system (5,10,20) in short order pattern, currency prices have been dropping to below MA60, MACD index from up through the zero axis, indicating that the market is weak. However, the random index and strength index emerged from the end, so do not rule out the possibility for multi counter.

1 hours chart, the average system tends to be bonded, MACD indicator MACD below the zero axis formation, the intensity of the green on behalf of the multi column continues to expand at the same time, the level of currency price rebound potential. However, the rebound little volume, random index and strength index rapidly from the strong to the hovering area, indicating that the market has not yet achieved a consistent bullish opinion.

A comprehensive look at the long ago to observe the transaction intensive areas support, bears remain overbearing style, which means that the rebound since March 25th will come to an end. Because in the early fall, does not recommend investors bargain. If the weekend volume rebound, Qingcang can participate, but don’t expect too much of the profit space.

2, the price index trend

“Bitcoin price index is the index trend of” currency area according to the similar potential “the spatial index” domestic bitcoin trading platform statistics, analysis of the current market index is the use of long and short of power distribution, in order to better determine the price trend analysis.

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