Bitcoin market capitalization of nearly $100 billion

Bitcoin market capitalization of nearly $100 billion


The total market value of bitcoin nearly $100 billion, about $94 billion at present. The current market value and market capitalization is many of the world top 100 enterprises.

Bitcoin market has been close to the limit of $100 billion

Bitcoin’s current market value of about $94 billion, more than earlier this week a new record of $92 billion, reached a record high. So far, the bitcoin market capitalization of more than 600% in 2017 to increase. At the beginning of this year, bitcoin market capitalization of about $15 billion 600 million.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers data, if compared with the previous 100 global market capitalisation, bitcoin will be ranked eighty-first, slightly lower than Goldman (GoldmanSachs) three ranking, according to the data, it has a market value of $96 billion. Bitcoin over the US postal service ($93 billion), Nike (Nike) and the Australian mining giant BHPBilliton is higher than the number of places, the market value of about $92 billion.

According to the International Monetary Fund, 191 countries with annual gross domestic product (GDP) compared to the current market value of bitcoin will get sixty-sixth. If bitcoin is a country, it will be ranked in Ukraine, Ukraine’s annual GDP of $95 billion 900 million. In this hypothetical bitcoin national rankings are: the Republic of Slovakia ($89 billion 100 million), Sri Lanka ($84 billion) and Ethiopia ($78 billion 400 million).

Bitcoin currently accounts for all encryption currency of $175 billion 200 million in 54.4%

The total market value of all currently available encryption currency ranked 37 with the Philip Maurice International (PhilipMorrisInternational) ($175 billion) compared to the home depot (HomeDepotinc) and TOYOTA (ToyotaMotorCorp) market capitalization (177 billion dollars). The total market value of all encryption currency higher than Algeria’s fifty-fifth largest economy — the annual GDP ($173 million 900 thousand), lower than that of Iraq ($189 billion 400 million).

The other major currencies this year the value of encryption is also on the rise. Ethernet square, the current total market capitalization of approximately $32 billion 500 million, more than ninety-eighth large economies of Cameroon ($29 billion 500 million) and Bahrain ($34 billion 300 million) of the annual GDP bigger. Is the third largest market capitalization of all currency Gerbaud encryption currency (about $10 billion), which will make it the world’s 135th largest economy after the Mongolia.

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