Bitcoin miners do not oppose isolation isolation against Bitcoin Core but witness testimony

Bitcoin miners do not oppose isolation isolation against Bitcoin Core but witness testimony

Bitcoin core development team Bitcoincore is a defender of the bitcoin protocol, made a great contribution to the development of bitcoin, within the community is high.

But in the direction of the early expansion of bitcoin, bitcoin core development team appeared internal contradictions and struggles, the main contradictions in bitcoin backbone on the issue of expansion.

This contradiction leads directly to the core members of division, or even to the point of personal attacks. Blockstream is the main study of side chain expansion, aimed at expanding the company bitcoin protocol layer functions, control after splitting the bitcoin core team is the commercial company, because the Blockstream core employees from the Bitcoincore team.

Since bitcoin miners are an important participant in the bitcoin industry, the development of maintaining ecological industrial chain.

In the bitcoin circulation and trading links, Chinese occupy the entire bitcoin market half of the country, the same China is bitcoin mining participants in most countries.

Because of the demand for electricity, large bitcoin mine in the domestic layout in Sichuan province and Inner Mongolia in more remote areas, bitcoin miners regarded as the most difficult “for the industry workers”.

In the bitcoin expansion issue is not particularly urgent before bitcoin miners are considered rigid reflected in mining costs, a variety of factors such as force, electricity, maintenance, currency price. While most of the bitcoin miners is not to consider the size of the blocks, which is bitcoin expansion problem, certainly not to consider how bitcoin reasonable are the center of this series of details of the route, return on investment and more focus should be concerned about bitcoin miners.

Whether from the market or technology development theory’s point of view, bitcoin miners naturally should have a strong voice and voting rights.

With the bitcoin industry participants and concerns of the growing bitcoin expansion has evolved into a serious dispute in the community, bitcoin miners gradually aware of their need to participate in the expansion of the dispute to the bitcoin core development team Bitcoincore is trying to turn the marginal rights bitcoin miners, even is the control of bitcoin miners the right to speak.

A Bitcoincore team is in the maintenance of bitcoin agreement has made great efforts, but the team does not represent cash and miners, even ordinary participants, but not the core as a synonym for bitcoin.

As bitcoin miners, the backbone edge represents the reduction of income, the expansion method to Bitcoincore team on behalf of the parties to support block 1M + lightning network (SW), Bitcoincore is determined not to agree to raise the size of the main chain.

As the backbone of block transfer speed is very slow, the direct result of the participants need to transfer transaction in the side chain, the chain to the edge, in the main chain.

The idea is that bitcoin miners in bitcoin expansion decisions must face, choose to increase the size of the blocks in main chain.

On the other hand, bitcoin miners do not oppose the isolation of witness Segwit Bitcoincore team, but against Segwit, the opposition did not increase the size of the main chain expansion route.

From a technical point of view, isolated witness practicability and innovation undoubtedly, otherwise will not sign the Hongkong miners consensus (the Hongkong consensus is a compromise, not only improve the chain block to the 2M, and the lightning network).

The Hongkong consensus after the Bitcoincore team will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled default. So the industry pointed out that why the Bitcoincore team must adhere to no big block line, perhaps because the chain expansion will directly lead to the marginalization of lightning network, affect the core interests of the core team.

In the community of the debate, as long as the miners are support blocks, will be Segwit to pursue their own interests to attack too, interpret out of context. The company is the commercial control of a party, the other party against commercial interests, it makes no sense.

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