Bitcoin mining difficulty will rise 18% next week

Bitcoin mining difficulty will rise 18% next week

Recently, bitcoin prices continued to decline, the miners of disadvantage, now the miners will hear a more bad news: according to the current situation, to Thursday bitcoin mining difficulty will increase by 17.94%, up from about 29 billion to 35 billion. – key difficulty of the resources value in recent days crazy growth, rose from 213PH/s in September 13th to 265PH/s. In contrast, the whole network is more than 1PH/s days is just a year ago.

This figure may not seem much, after all, this figure in August 19th was 20.86%, but the leap of merely 4 billion difficulty increases, and only less than 30PH/s of the calculated force into the whole network. And next week is expected to grow 6 billion and increase the difficulty of 50PH/s operator. Moreover, these values may be less than the actual low.

The price of diving and the difficulty of growth, this is a huge double blow to the miners. Not only is the production of each bitcoin miners on higher cost: longer burst block time and less pool distribution of benefits and did not reduce electricity costs, and the price of bitcoin has been falling since July. With the rise of the costs and benefits of the shrinking, small scale miners may soon break the breakeven point, or maybe this condition has occurred. The result is likely to lead to leave the small scale miners.

The growth before July is a difficulty in quiet period, and on September 13th the difficulty of growth of only 8.75%, was relatively mild. After a lot of stress concentrated in Iceland, China and across the United States, so many miners face a difficult problem: is now cash, or invest in new or cheaper hardware….. Until the next difficulty increases.

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