Bitcoin mining pool Antpool support bitcoin unlimited 75% force BU enabled client

Bitcoin mining pool Antpool support bitcoin unlimited 75% force BU enabled client

The world’s largest bitcoin mining pool Antpool (ant pool) is currently 75% of the work force to support bitcoin unlimited (BitcoinUnlimited, BU). According to statistics, the current super large bitcoin mining pool Antpool (ant pool) in the world was in force accounted for 16.6%.

About bitcoin unlimited (BitcoinUnlimited) and isolation of witness (Segwit) has been debated for two years. In the beginning, many users of bitcoin and bitcoin mining pool have chosen to support isolated witness, that is to solve the bitcoin network congestion, to achieve the best solution to bitcoin expansion. But as the BitcoinCore team has changed public promise and then deny in succession plan, resulting in the isolation of witness’s support rate fell sharply, thus bringing many supporters to bitcoin unlimited. For example, the world’s largest bitcoin mining pool Antpool, is also the witness to support bitcoin from infinite isolation. Wu Qiushan, founder of Bitmain technologies also told Bloomberg that “we will give the entire bitcoin mining pool switch to bitcoin unlimited.

In March 7th, Antpool began signaling through the team to start a small part of the hash is to support the backup client bitcoin unlimited. After 10 days on March 17th, some changes have taken place in the China bitcoin mining pool. A report of ant pools show, Antpool is about 75% is to enable bitcoin unlimited client. The authors explain the switching technology using expansion from 450000th to 457678, block chain.

Reddit user “arnoudk” statements:

Antpool just switch the usa3 node. Yesterday, it switched to the USA1 node. Last week, it changes all bitcoin node in Beijing. A total of about 75% Antpool is now included in the bitcoin unlimited voting, the voting is neutral (i.e. no bitcoin unlimited, no isolated witness).

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