Bitcoin mining pool Bitclub to support bitcoin unlimited share of the global stress 2.9%

Bitcoin mining pool Bitclub to support bitcoin unlimited share of the global stress 2.9%

In March 19th, bitcoin mining pool Bitclub extracted the first bitcoin its infinite (BitcoinLimited, BU) block. Because now bitcoin mining pool bitcoin technical support is used up as a signal support block, which can be understood as bitcoin mining pool Bitclub support bitcoin unlimited.

Bitclub bitcoin unlimited

In the past few weeks, bitcoin bitcoin miners unlimited (BU) support rate increased. In March 17th, Antpool will be the 75% hash pool is transferred to the BU camp.

Now, when other organizations are still using the BitcoinCore client by mining, bitcoin mining pool is Bitclub by mining the BU block to change the game.

Bitclub pool now has stress in the global bitcoin network accounted for 2.9%. This is the hash value plus from Antpool is value, may promote the overall support to BU. At present, according to CoinDance data show that bitcoin unlimited in the pool at the mine support rate of 35%.

Bitcoin network congestion for Bitclub to BU

Bitcoin mining pool Bitclub told the media that many problems in current unconfirmed transactions as a platform to bring, many new members of the transaction was not confirmed.

Two key members of Bitclub are introduced in detail to the media, and that on the current bitcoin network congestion situation is very disappointed. The congestion of the bitcoin network has a significant impact on the Bitclub, so Bitclub is in favor of BU, hoping to alleviate the current congestion, and help the bitcoin unlimited access to upgrade possible.

Bitclub responsible person, because the network congestion caused by the bitcoin expansion of the dispute, has recently let the market rose in the etheric fang.

Because of rising fees and more frequent congestion problems, a development of a lot of bitcoin bitcoin supporters continue to focus on the current expansion technology. The problem has become obstacles to the development of bitcoin can’t avoid, bitcoin node operators and miners are taking action to solve the bottleneck of the development of bitcoin.

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