Bitcoin mining power consumption is too large, the power company tailored for power grid

Bitcoin mining power consumption is too large, the power company tailored for power grid

In the news network correspondent Li Shuxia reports

It is understood that bitcoin as an electronic currency, it is the interpretation of Hayek’s “free money” in the dream. Which was born in 2009, is a set of password based encoding, generated by complex algorithm, a limited number (21 million). The limited amount of bitcoins from the point of view, like digital gold. At present, many institutions have to accept bitcoin to pay the bill, even the German government officially recognized it as a form of currency. But China has just become the world’s largest bitcoin exchange market.

The electric power resources centre bit cloud base industrial park integrated centre city, domestic medium and large bitcoin cloud computing center in the industrial park, built in stages China the largest bitcoin cloud computing base. The company sales department in the centre received bit cloud base technology limited electricity for the first time, and the enterprise, government, CMC, bureau of industry and information and actively communicate with the electric properties of understanding of the business, the electricity load, tailored for the enterprise optimal grid access, tailored to develop economy, rational power supply scheme.

As of January 2014, China domestic bitcoin is not to 1P, according to the 1T need to calculate the power consumption of 1 kilowatts, annual power consumption of less than 50 million yuan. According to the current development trend of bitcoin, which is China in bitcoin in 2016 will reach 1 billion 700 million yuan of scale power consumption, 2017 will increase to 2 billion 400 million yuan, while the satellite cloud base share of the domestic market share of 6%-20%. Therefore, bit cloud base home defender not only expanded the defender of the cloud industry base, is expected to increase annual load of 21 thousand kilowatts for DCS, increased electricity sales 150 million kwh.

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