Bitcoin ‘nervous system’ to get upgrade, give up easy to cause loss of data of the TCP protocol of FIBRE communication network, instead of using UDP

Bitcoin ‘nervous system’ to get upgrade, give up easy to cause loss of data of the TCP protocol of FIBRE communication network, instead of using UDP

There is a long-term work aimed at improving the bitcoin trading block data transmission time has received an upgrade.

Since bitcoin issued a series of services have emerged or solutions to meet the needs of those who use digital currency to the needs of the people. These include: allow bitcoin trading between currency exchange; with the miners for greater benefit to seek the group born in the pool; provide a new type of function and safety of the wallet.


However, some of the demand of distributed network is not easy to be observed.

As the developer of BitcoinCore Greg Maxwell (GregMaxwell) said, BitcoinRelayNetwork from the BitcoinCore contributor Matt? Claro (MattCorallo) idea, a few years ago has been put forward, in order to quickly in the miners (or those who handle the transaction) between the bitcoin block data transmission.

Maxwell recalls:

“A few years ago, when the block number began to exceed 250K, we continue to see the miners quickly integrate with some of the most popular pool. One reason is that the smaller pool being isolated.”

He also said:

“We seem to be quickly formed a trend, ultimately only a pool there.”

However, he said the Corallo action, developed the original RelayNetwork, provides a Maxwell called “fundamentally improved block propagation velocity solution.

BitcoinRelayNetwork finally materialized as a node in the network, China, Europe, North America, Russia and Southeast Asia. Each node is a powerful Internet connection, in theory, is that of a block of data of railway. The data is compressed, and then through the transmission control protocol (TCP) transmission.

The system has been described as bitcoin vascular or nerve system — a transfer of information in the entire body of the key part. Now, a successor has been released after enhanced FIBRE.

Enter the FIBRE

Corallo recently launched a fast Internet communication engine bitcoin (FastInternetBitcoinRelayEngine or FIBRE), aims to create a more powerful version of the BitcoinRelayNetwork.

The idea is: through the improvement of the speed of information dissemination, the miners can reduce the number of orphans block (orphanblock), or the number of block trading network denial.

Corallo runs the original Fibre network and the design of its new version, he said the plan will also help increase the “selfish mining” costs, reducing the number of empty blocks generated by mining SPV.

But according to Corallo, the existing transmission network began to show “outdated” side in the last year, in the past few months to promote the new software.

Corallo said:

Over the past few years, “according to the operation and careful examination, I found that no matter what kind of TCP can not get the kind you want low delay relay (relay). A few months ago, I finally started from zero to build a new fast relaying protocol, at the same time to create CompactBlock and FIBRE as an early version.”

Corallo explained that the current problem is the role of TCP network is easy to lose data, which will require additional processing, thus increasing the time needed to block the spread of.

In his blog post introduced by TCP, FIBRE, data packets may be lost over time.

He wrote:

“Then, the sender will retransmit the lost packets, which allows the receiver to reconstruct the original transmission (possible).”

He explained that the extra round-trip time eventually led to the first peak value of RelayNetwork in propagation time.

FIBRE upgrade

In order to avoid the problem of time delay, data packet from one point to another time required (in this case, it is from one node to another), Corallo said, he chose another protocol, the user datagram protocol (UserDatagramProtocol, UDP).

He said:

“Instead of using TCP to send a block transmission of the data needed, and relying on full round-trip to detect and resend lost packets, FIBRE use UDP to send data, there are additional forward error correction (FEC) data (for example, these data allow you to reconstruct the complete transmission of data, even if there are some missing).”

Maxwell FEC called “a magic.”.

The composition of FIBRE include BIP152, which is a kind of “compression block” agreement, aimed at reducing the use of mobile data blocks between nodes when bandwidth.

Maxwell explained:

“This way, even if some lost blocks can still soon be receiving, and without back contact. It also retains its speed, even if the receiver doesn’t look like a pool of memory blocks.”

The influence of network

However, for all FIBRE enhancements, most aspiring target might be trying to make people around the world to run more network.

In the beginning, maintenance of the network by Corallo own host, that is to say, the network operation and all bitcoin nodes — will depend on the network maintenance ability.

Although the FIBRE code is provided free of charge, Corallo said he did not have the ability to support additional network. Finally, the success of a network (or network) can be said to depend on to allow more people to practice them.

FIBRE is trying to change this dynamic. The software is designed as an additional function of BitcoinCore, providing a way to let more people come into contact with the code, to introduce their own communication network.

According to Corallo, he was trying to encourage other parties to build a network based on FIBRE spread himself — he said the effort needed to keep to the center.

Corallo also released a FIBRE network construction guide.

He said, in the meantime, the new mission embodied in the establishment of communication system is very interested, he said, for now, the development of more cautious optimism users will contribute to this cause.

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