Bitcoin network discovered the bug node number plummeted to a 5 month low

Bitcoin network discovered the bug node number plummeted to a 5 month low

The BitcoinUnlimited team had to solve network congestion problems, put forward a controversial solution (cancel the bitcoin network data processing, the preset limit) but has not solved the problem, the new problem appeared: the attackers used the newly discovered bug, led to the collapse of the software.

The BitcoinUnlimited team had been the largest bitcoin miners support, but developers will be one of the bug after exposure, the project was attacked, bitcoin “nodes” quantity rapidly from 800 reduced to 300, to the lowest level since October 2016.

Node is the core infrastructure bitcoin. Bitcoin is designed as a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network, bitcoin client is responsible for interaction with other clients in the form of P2P, so it is called the P2P node. The node which has the ability of mining with a dedicated computer verify transactions, bear a great load; and does not have the mining capacity of nodes, the independent tracking of these transactions, and ensure the normal operation of the entire network. Through the use of a specific software, each node can convey the hope bitcoin evolution.

Despite the exposure of the bug has been quickly repaired, but also verify that the BitcoinUnlimited team of programmers lack of response to bitcoin congestion experience. The BitcoinUnlimited team in recent weeks to win the support of influential miners, some of them in more than two years after discussion, decided to give up a community consensus. The bug, the miners will continue to support the BitcoinUnlimited team steep uncertainty.


The BitcoinUnlimited team’s supporters hope to cancel the bitcoin network data processing pre setting limits, said the move to end the problem of congestion. But opponents argue that cancel the restrictions means that large communities have the advantage of data will get too much power, may make bitcoin relatively independent global banks and the government and the characteristics of the affected. They proposed to SegWit means to reduce congestion, is essentially a fine tuned technique to verify the transaction.

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