Bitcoin news 2016

Bitcoin news 2016

2016 is the year of bitcoin, bitcoin is likely this year as the best performing assets, even more than the dollar, obtaining huge profits.

At the end of the year summary article, we want to attribute the greatest impact bitcoin news: in 2016 the top 5 bitcoin event.

These events are not necessarily positive news bitcoin, but they do reflect the current state of bitcoin, and invented by programmers Nakamoto bitcoin leading currency wild development and popular cryptography.

Australian CraigWright claimed to be Nakamoto

One of the strangest fragments this year bitcoin history occurred in Australia, mathematician and CraigStevenWright claims to be tax evasion suspects bitcoin inventor nakamoto.

Wright not only on Wired and Gizmodo in the mainstream media, and he also let Nakamoto has been linked to the core bitcoin developer GavinAndressen also believe that he is Nakamoto So, which will further increase the controversial.

Many people asked him to publish cryptography proof, eventually Wright blog admitted he cannot prove that he is a bitcoin inventor Nakamoto So, and announced its withdrawal from the.

He has completely disappeared from public view.

Bitfinex stolen

The stolen bitcoin exchange seems to have become a part of the bitcoin ecosystem. In 2016, the mainstream bitcoin exchange hacking. More than $60 million bitcoins stolen, which is from 2014 Mt.Gox lost $350 million since the largest bitcoin bitcoin theft.

In a few hours after the Bitfinex statement, users said that their Bitfinex accounts had been stolen empty in the forums and social media.

Bitcoin also fell 22%.

The IRS IRS Coinbase to send anonymous summons

When the IRS IRS sent Coinbase anonymous summons, money in the field of cryptography shocked. For all the records in early 2013 to 2015.

Silicon Valley as a legitimate enterprise of science and technology, Coinbase accused the request and response to solve these requirements in court.

Coinbase users also in mid December a federal lawsuit to prevent IRS IRS behavior.

The case originated in the United States Court in northern California. Usually because of failure to comply with the domestic tax law will receive a summons.

Coinbase platform now provides different cryptography currency transaction services, such as Ethernet coins, the summons for bitcoin users.

Coinbase’s appeal is still in progress.

San Francisco municipal hackers for bitcoin

At the end of 11, the bay area transportation system was hacked, and hackers are asking for bitcoin.

The incident also highlights the status of network security in 2016, the San Francisco Municipal Railway System Muni is hacked, users can free on the land down, 100 bitcoin worth about $73000 for hackers. No final payment in bitcoin ransom.

The stolen after the weekend, the passengers will see in the Muni on the computer screen: a free ride, “you have been stolen, all data is encrypted. Key ( ID:681”.

Muni subsequently launched an investigation, and finally identified as ransomware attacks. The Muni system is locked.

Accept bitcoin payments in the Swiss town of political service

Switzerland Zug Council announced in 2016 May, the residents of the town will soon be able to use bitcoin digital currency to pay for public services.

“This is the world government level for the first time to accept bitcoin payments,” cryptography currency trading platform BitcoinSuisse CEO and co-founder of NiklasNikolajsen said.

Mayor DolfiMuller hopes to bring more financial technology for the region: “we want to express our attitude to the development of new technology……” And he said, Zug and technology companies willing to exchange ideas.

Zug rate is the lowest in switzerland. “The use of bitcoin to pay tax has become a reality,” said Muller. Earlier this month, Zug City Administration said in a statement will continue to accept bitcoin payments in other areas.

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