Bitcoin payment more diversified living closer to the user

Bitcoin payment more diversified living closer to the user

Today, people all over the world to bitcoin acceptance of more and more high, some industries in many countries have also begun to accept bitcoin payments.

Now, bitcoin transactions not only payment remittance business in some large cross-border, many users of bitcoin bitcoin payments already living close to the user.

With bitcoin to pay electricity

In September 2016, Japan bitcoin company Coincheck launched the “CoincheckDenki” service that allows local users to use bitcoin to pay electricity bills. In addition, compared with other methods of payment, bitcoin users can save part of the cost, because the service has 4% to 6% discount for senior users “. Non senior users can get some concessions in payment of utility bills, while users can also pay the remaining deposit into the bitcoin wallet Coincheck.

Coincidentally, an energy giant German company Enercity (mainly responsible for the provision of electricity, gas, heating and drinking water) also announced in the near future, Hannover residents can use bitcoin to pay their bills.

With bitcoin dining

In September 2016, bitcoin ATM is one of the four major accounting firms set up DDT office in Toronto (BTM) news takes a number of media headlines. At that time, many DDT employees watched, the bitcoin ATM officially placed in the Deloitte Building 6 floor. After the bitcoin ATM was moved to the 2 floor, not only internal staff can use outside the company who can also use the atm.

With bitcoin by taxi

In November 2016, Italy large taxi company CooperativaRadioTaxi3570 announced to accept bitcoin payment order service. It is reported that the company has more than 3700 taxis in Rome, providing about 10000000 services every year.

With bitcoin doctor

In October 2016, a company called “ask the doctor” (AskTheDoctor) of the Canadian healthcare start-up company, officially announced cooperation with Bitpay, allows users to use bitcoin payment. The main reason for doing this is to use bitcoin anonymity to protect customer privacy, this is a credit card also cannot do.

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