Bitcoin people new year too

Bitcoin people new year too


At the end of 2013, the price of bitcoin may change radically, so many people didn’t have a nice year’s spring festival. History is always surprisingly similar, at the end of 2016, the price of bitcoin can break 10 thousand yuan a, then straight down, just like the rocket launch failure, perhaps this analogy picture is a little more. In 2016 December, bitcoin history will remember this point in time.

Cool thinking about digital currency, there are still many circles such as bitcoin investors, their long-term investments, their hands holding coins, put money in your wallet, and then shut the computer, forget their own currency thing. Not all the people can do, exactly speaking, everyone is not up to this realm. The purpose of investment is to make money, earn money is the failure of investment, so it is bitcoin. The long-term investment needs to bear great pressure, time will also give the patient polished in nature’s garb. In 2013 and 2016, bitcoin change radically, the people in the circle that is the central bank and the relevant departments of the documents issued to bring pressure to outsiders is that bitcoin has been the official website of pressure off. In fact, the real reason is that there are plunged the whole market vulnerable and bitcoin investors mind game. The prices do not exist is not a “kill bitcoin” file decision, but doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Dare to think

Standard digital currency Pu silver group is responsible for that, thanks to the 2016 bitcoin blockchain. “Pu silver” is through the Department of tea Pu’er tea industry limited company bank rules formulated by the tea standard digital currency issued open source. Pu silver as the world’s first standard digital currency, with 1 billion Tibetan tea as a primary standard of assets, through the digital encryption technology will write one billion tea assets block chain, and record the tea identification, assessment, such as the right to. You may achieve traceability through asset blockchain, corresponding to the issue of 1 billion Pu silver, according to the Trading Center Chinese version of the grand series of tea, tea and Pu silver website listed stock index and index data show tea, Pu silver market through the full exchange transactions, asset accumulation has been added to the standard of tea 38 billion yuan.

“In the application of foam and the coexistence of bitcoin body, it is difficult for users to adhere to long-term investment, design and issue of Pu silver, in the physical assets on the basis of digital, meet the user long-term investment demand in the market, we are planning a large number of activities for the promotion, some even become our active peers wang”. Pu silver group planning department responsible person said.

At present, Pu silver group is with the domestic digital currency trading platform to carry out the “100 poly currency net total group trading contest prize of up to 2 million. During the first hundred group trading contest, a large number of users, the management said that this time the contest prize than last doubled. Insiders, Pu silver will be in a few days after the Spring Festival, will launch another event, unprecedented rewards.

To catch

Block chain not only to the Internet industry to. The transformation of domestic traditional enterprises, the blockchain is good starting point. and

With the increase of the number of enterprises in transition, began a revolution”. For example, finance, logistics, education may be the emergence of new industry standards. Many enterprises including PU silver, are left on the way to use block chain of digital assets from the market, if the user is concerned, this road is destined for a long. “If you have bitcoin, then I suggest you to have some Pu silver; if you do not have to put the bitcoin computer shut the safe new year, you can try to get a purse of Pu silver shut off the computer, waiting for the next year, there will always be something of value value. No valuable things, good packaging is also in disguise”. Pu silver market department responsible person said.

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