Bitcoin pineapple charity fund donated $1 million to the Internet Archive

Bitcoin pineapple charity fund donated $1 million to the Internet Archive


On Saturday, pineapple fund donated $1 million to the bitcoin Internet archive. The fund is a charity bitcoin, founded in early December 2017, the ultimate goal is to donate $8 million 600 thousand worth of bitcoin to various non-profit organizations.

For early adopters, bitcoin’s value rose sharply from an extraordinary journey to start empty-handed rich, some people are determined to serve the society. Pineapple fund is launched by an anonymous person, he in the Reddit user name is /u/PineappleFund.

Donors have created a website to publish about what the organization has received a bitcoin donations report. It also provides a form for nonprofit organizations who wish to apply for future donations.

So far, the charity has provided 657 BTC- about $8 million 500 thousand to 13 organizations, these organizations focus on specific areas such as sub Saharan Africa, providing clean water treatment technology and improved disease associated with age for universal health care.

The fund’s homepage claims:

“Our main theme is to support medical research, gender equality, and take innovative ways in the world to do good.”

Donation motivation in the website is very clear:

“Bitcoin donated $860 to charity. Because once you have enough money, money is not so important.”

Bitcoin many early adopters have recently made the news. For example, the Winklevoss brothers in 2013 to buy about 1% bitcoin, this investment makes them become the first bitcoin billionaire.

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