Bitcoin plummeted by nearly 6000 points, more than 100000 people burst into positions with more than 9.8 billion yuan

In terms of daily line level, bitcoin closed a very long shadow line yesterday. The price of bitcoin has been falling since noon yesterday, and there was a sharp correction at 6:00 p.m. after breaking the 30000 mark, bitcoin fell all the way to around 27777, and then quickly rebounded to the top of 30000. Even breaking the two moving average lines of Ma5 and ma10, bitcoin is still wary of the second deep retreat. At the four hour level, the brin belt shows signs of necking operation. The upper short-term pressure is at the upper rail position of the daily line brin belt, while the lower short-term support is at the Ma5 moving average position, followed by the Fibonacci withdrawal line at 0.786. There are still many support points below, but we should pay attention to the second deep retreat. MACD fast and slow lines form a dead fork and then move downward, with short energy Column continued to shrink, RSI index also rose up, long is still a major trend, the operation of the same callback to do long, but need to strictly control the risk. Avoid deep withdrawal. According to data provided by market research institutions, a total of 107817 people broke positions in the rising bitcoin market in the past 24 hours, with an accumulated value of more than 9.8 billion yuan. Bitcoin’s highest price in the past 24 hours was close to $35000, with the highest rise of 20% in the first four days of the year. The investors who broke their positions mentioned above were long or short with high leverage in contract trading, and more than half of them were short bitcoin. The sharp fall in prices yesterday night led to a collective explosion of highly leveraged long bitcoin investors. Among them, the transaction with the largest amount of exposure showed more than 83 million. Another loss of more than 76.22 million was lost on Ethereum. Although the investor holding Ethereum was not bitcoin, the rising market of bitcoin greatly increased the value of Ethereum. Due to the linkage effect of bitcoin, Ethereum soared by nearly 40% in 24 hours. The 76.22 million short of Ethereum was destroyed, and the relationship between bitcoin and Ethereum was destroyed Guizhou Maotai and Wuliangye, similar to a shares, are rare digital currencies trusted by mainstream investors. Recently, bitcoin’s fiery nature needs no more description. As bitcoin began to withdraw below the 35000 level, the British epidemic broke out of control and the spread of South Africa’s new variant and new coronavirus in the United Kingdom. British health secretary Hancock expressed concern and proposed that flights and personnel flow should be restricted. The market was suddenly greatly nervous, and the previous US Treasury Department’s plan was put forward The regulatory measures for cryptocurrency will be tightened. If U.S. citizens hold cryptocurrency with a value of more than 10000 US dollars abroad, they must declare, which makes bitcoin’s correction intensify and turn into a high profit taking and selling pressure, which once fell below 28000. However, when some people in the market are afraid, they are relatively greedy to undertake from the low point. Currently, bitcoin has stood above 32000, indicating that the market sentiment is still optimistic about bitcoin, and the market will reach a new high in the future. In the real currency sector, the new crown epidemic did not seem to be stopped. Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei once again warned that the domestic epidemic situation was serious, the British government announced a national blockade in the early morning of this morning, and Germany extended its strict control measures to the end of this month. As a result, the Japanese yen, euro and pound sterling of the mainstream currencies weakened, and the US dollar index rose relatively. However, the United States itself suffered from the epidemic Since then, representatives have formally raised objections to the presidential voting results of the multi state electoral college members, which has increased political uncertainty, led to the decline of the attractiveness of all the real currencies, and has become one of the factors for the rapid recovery of bitcoin. Finally, all commodity prices rise too fast, which will increase the probability of a significant correction. The uniqueness of bitcoin itself is more likely to attract the attention of regulators. High profit taking naturally becomes a normal phenomenon. However, it can also be seen that the cryptocurrency led by bitcoin is gradually gaining a place in the global financial market, and investors should continue to be more patient

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