Bitcoin plunges into bear market in three days

On Monday, January 11, just three days after bitcoin climbed to a record high of $42000 on Friday, bitcoin, the largest digital cryptocurrency, plummeted nearly $11700 from record high and fell into a technical bear market. This is an inevitable result, a result that can be fully guessed, and a result that must appear. In this way, endless speculation, unreasonable rise, how to say it is impossible to quietly turn madness into profiteering and madmen into rich people. Bitcoin, can only be the game of madmen. Only the game of the madman, will appear so crazy skyrocketing. But no, the crash appeared, and the madman was beaten back to his original form. However, there will be a crazy market, because the madmen will not give up and make trouble, so, if it is not a madman, don’t touch it.

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