Bitcoin price consolidation, change direction gradually clear

Bitcoin price consolidation, change direction gradually clear

As of January 11, 2017 11, bitcoin trading network ( shows the current price of 6364 yuan. After yesterday’s opening up the impact of currency price, at 9 days to reach the highest point of 6450 yuan, down quickly. 6 pm, currency price once again test the high of the day, but was quickly back to bear. Therefore, K yesterday to close out a small cross stars.

Daily charts since January 7th, currency price volatility continues to shrink, until yesterday to close out a solid small star cross, on both sides temporarily enter the state well-matched in strength. The level of currency price exceeded MA5, may be 6650 yuan pressure, which is the MA20 and Bollinger band rail located nearby.

After bitcoin prices fell dramatically, quickly into the situation continued to narrow, long and short side double short into well-matched in strength state. Short term should not be involved in bitcoin trading network, we recommend investors wait.

From the data, the price of 6000 days of sideways, long and short index biased bullish, but the market depth is small, relatively large fluctuations. The new index decrease with the decrease of heat media, but there is still a lot more than usual, years ago the price of bitcoin may clear direction in sideways after the end of the bitcoin support 6000 yuan, 6700 yuan pressure.

There is news about government policy, will bring together professionals in Beijing to discuss bitcoin management, discuss the establishment of third party hosting platform.

Strong government regulation will improve the correct understanding of the bitcoin platform security and public bitcoin risk and investment method, the reporter was informed that the bitcoin trading network to actively accept government regulation.

[as reporters issued at BTC price: $6360; ETH price: $73.9; LTC price: $32.24], for more information please pay attention to bitcoin, bitcoin trading network ( platform: WeChat btctrade_com

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