Bitcoin price forecast in 2021: is the bitcoin bull market about to peak?

Bitcoin price forecast in 2021: is the bitcoin bull market about to peak? Mark Newton, founder and President of Newton advisors, told CNBC’s trading nation this week: “given that [bitcoin] has just hit an all-time high, it is still quite optimistic in the medium term. “The bull market may be suspended in early 2021. “I think we still have a way to go. In the near future, my cycle composite index shows that we peaked in early January. ” Now, with bitcoin prices hovering below the psychological level of $30000 per bitcoin, cryptocurrency traders and investors are looking for clues to where bitcoin will go before 2021. Bitcoin prices hit the $30000 range this week, reaching $29700 per bitcoin on the Luxembourg based bitstamp exchange, before falling slightly. Bitcoin has quadrupled since the beginning of 2020 and completed its biggest one month increase since May 2019 in December. Bitcoin’s latest bull market was triggered by news payment giant PayPal in October, and pypl + 1.2% will start to provide bitcoin and cryptocurrency support. This trend was driven by a wave of institutional interest in tecoin and Wall Street giants such as Citibank and JPMorgan Chase, which made a surprise bullish bitcoin forecast of + 1.4%. In December last year, a leaked Citigroup report showed that a senior analyst at the bank believed that bitcoin could reach a high of $318000 by December 2021, calling it “21st century gold.”. Bitcoin has established a good reputation as “digital gold” throughout 2020. It has won the support of investors when investors worry that the government’s large-scale printing activities will devalue the traditional currency and trigger a wave of inflation. “Gold reached an all-time high in 2020, bitcoin hit a series of new peaks, more than tripled in the second half of the year, breaking the $28000 mark for the first time,” Russ mould bell of AJ, a brokerage, said in an email. “Some will argue that gold and bitcoin will yield more, especially if the government continues to pile up debt, while the central bank does its best to fund lending through quantitative easing, zero interest rates and back door lending that manipulates bond yields. They are scarce value relative to cash. ” Moore said he mentioned that bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million tokens, while the supply of gold is growing by 2% a year. More on Forbes second stimulus check: how bitcoin makes your first payment worth nearly $5000 through Billy Bambrough the 2020 bitcoin bull market has masked the 2017 rally. But will this lead to similar results? At the same time, the growing popularity of bitcoin is expected to create more polarity between those who see bitcoin as a reliable investment and those who doubt the value of bitcoin. “Others would think that neither gold nor bitcoin has intrinsic value because they don’t generate cash,” Moore said “Some will even argue that bitcoin is just a glorified Ponzi scheme, as new money will flow to the bottom to help smart money on bail go to the top. In 2021, investors will have the opportunity to pay their own money and accept their choice of whether to treat bitcoin and gold as a store of value, as well as useful portfolio diversification, as governments and central banks come up with money out of thin air, or more trouble than they may or may not be worth. ” At the same time, in the future of many smaller cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency community is divided. The imminent regulatory threat and increasing government oversight have caused people’s shock that the decentralized cryptocurrency may be hit hard. “After a turbulent year, bitcoin’s dominance is inevitable,” said Paolo ardoino, chief technology officer based in Hong Kong and British Virgin. The king of prices soared to an all-time high of $28000 from less than $4000 in March. ” Bitfinex, an archipelago registered cryptocurrency exchange, said in an email comment. Bitcoin’s dominance, a measure of its value, has risen in recent weeks compared with the broader cryptocurrency market, but has been almost flat over the past 12 months. “While the increase in the number of institutions has become part of the current bull market story, we may see an increase in retail interest in the special coin as a form of digital gold,” ardoino added “It can also increase interest in the many innovative projects being implemented in the field of digital tokens.” It is very important for beginners in the currency circle to choose a reliable, safe and easy-to-use exchange such as Chinese currency to start your first trading. China currency platform (ZB) is a relatively perfect virtual currency trading platform in China, with many large customers. Its business covers over-the-counter transactions, currency transactions and contract transactions. 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