Bitcoin price shocks: rising market confidence in the recovery, multi momentum again

Bitcoin price shocks: rising market confidence in the recovery, multi momentum again

As of April 7, 2017 12 at noon, according to the bitcoin trading network btctrade display market, bitcoin current price of 7200 yuan. Yesterday the currency price by wave up, long maintained a strong position. Therefore, out of a very short line under the shadow of Zhongyang market on the daily chart, that market confidence is gradually increased.

Bitcoin trading network market

Look at the daily chart, the average system (5,10,20) then a long array pattern, MACD index continued to extend strong blocks, and represent the long efforts of the green bar in the expanding area, indicating that the current round of upward price shocks Liangnengpeihe good. Random index and strength index by wandering to the golden crossing forms strong regional extension, that buying power is gradually increased. However, the level of MA60 is an important bearing, currency prices have to be effective after the break up.

Look at the international situation, the first meeting held in the German standard bitcoin

Btctrade news, the first bitcoin wallet conference held in Berlin. Last weekend, April 1st and 2nd, in Berlin, a group from different countries bitcoin developers gathered together to discuss bitcoin wallet industry standard.


The conference entitled “bitcoin wallet standard”, from the industry’s most popular and leading wallet service providers participated in the meeting.

The meeting discussed the mutual conversion between the bitcoin wallet isolation witness, bitcoin protocol (BIP) and multi criteria and multi subject. With the maturity of an organization, the working group will continue to develop independent standards, which will be at the annual meeting for discussion and approval.

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