Bitcoin price shocks, the United States through the block chain from hackers

Bitcoin price shocks, the United States through the block chain from hackers

As of April 18, 2017 11, according to the bitcoin trading network btctrade shows the current market price of 7065 yuan. Yesterday morning at the beginning of currency price rose slightly, then enter the tumbled pattern. Late afternoon, long before the impact of high volume, due to the uncertain factors pulled up eagerly, the potential is increased, the market outlook is expected to continue to pick up.

Bitcoin trading network market

From the btctrade bitcoin K line, we can see the last week, bitcoin prices fell after the first rise, the whole week no change in the basic price. On average, the average price of coins in a slight concussion near the average cycle is more and more close, is a typical ready to shock pattern, but also indicates that the next wave of unilateral market arrival. Btctrade remind investors, bitcoin price limit, should be vigilant, pay attention to prevent risks.

Take a look at the global industry trends, the United States government investment block chain, protect medical companies from hackers.

The National Coordinator for health information technology office (ONC) recently published a response to block chain technology for medical records research papers.

In the health care industry within the company, usually running multiple databases and services, its purpose is to ensure that their protected health information (PHI) storage security. According to the definition of the laws of the United States, sensitive personal information and medical records of the patient are regarded as protected health information (PHI).

View from the United States government sponsored 15 proposals initiated in a contest. Some of the proposals, including a point-to-point network for medical data analysis, the increase of the privacy level; improve interoperability, patient tracking and identity assurance and verification system of information exchange; improve the medical claims processing, and used to the center of the record management system of electronic medical records.

According to the report, the 15 proposals of the author, has received a $1500-5000 grant to the United States government.

The United States National Health Coordinator VindellWashington said in a statement:

The effect caused by the challenge is incredible, we feel very excited. Although many people know the blockchain digital currency technology can be used in this application, the challenge is also showing its new application in the field of health care potential.”

Safety of electronic medical data sharing

Office for the coordination of health information technology (ONC) plans to evaluate 15 nominations proposal part of the project, and closely track their progress. By using the irreducible block chain, the office for the coordination of health information technology (ONC) to create a platform, where health care company can safely store patient data and real-time access to updated information, and also increased the transparency.

More importantly, the block chain technology through a token, allowing the potential intermediary and the third party service provider transactions.

In a report entitled “blockchain for medical data, and its potential application in the Research Report of health and medical research” of the author, LaureLinn said:

Block chain has interoperability challenges existing in the medical IT system to solve the potential, it will become to make personal, medical institutions and medical researchers in safety standard electronic medical data sharing technology.”

In the near future, the office for the coordination of health information technology (ONC) plans to launch a block chain infrastructure, allowing U.S. healthcare companies use it to create their own unique personal system.

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