Bitcoin prices above $5300 for the first time this year has risen to about 454%

Bitcoin prices above $5300 for the first time this year has risen to about 454%


Beijing time 13 days morning CNBC said the price of bitcoin EST on Thursday for the first time exceeded 5300 dollars, a record high.

Industry website Coindesk data show that bitcoin prices rose by 11% on the same day, to $5386.23, more than the previous record of $5013.91 in September 2nd. So far this year, bitcoin prices rose about 454%.

Analysts pointed out that the bitcoin hard next month before the bifurcation of investor interest rise is contributed to the recent surge in prices. In August this year, the split into digital currency bitcoin and bitcoin cash, bitcoin investors get the same number of bitcoin cash at the time. However, all digital currency exchange does not support this immediately after the split currency.

In bitcoin driven by most other digital currency has also risen. The ether currency rose to about $305, bitcoin rose to about $316 in cash.

At the same time, investors seem to be negative news about bitcoin from the regulatory agencies of the lukewarm response. Last month, Chinese regulators banned the issuance of initial tokens (ICO), and several of the largest closed encryption currency exchange.

But in the past few days there are rumors that bitcoin transactions may recover in China. Encryption currency news website quoted the Xinhua news agency said, bitcoin transactions are likely to recover by more stringent supervision, which may include the new business license, and the anti money laundering supervision measures.

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