Bitcoin prices back to $4000, industry analysts are optimistic about the market outlook

According to foreign media reports, the mainstream digital currency bitcoin local time Thursday rose nearly 8% to $4032, this is the two week above $4000 for the first time.

It is reported that bitcoin last price reached $4000 in December 4th of this year. After after months of consolidation, bitcoin prices fell suddenly increased, a day hours volatility was as high as a few hundred dollars.

Since the all-time high of nearly $20 thousand since 2017 December hit, bitcoin has dropped nearly 80%. Earlier this week, the bitcoin record anniversary, bitcoin began to rise.

The other major digital currency price of the day were also higher. Closely related to the company’s Ripple virtual token XRP rose 3% to 38 cents, and rose 5% to $109 in the etheric fang. According to CoinMarketCap data, the two digital currency value ranked second and third.

Social trading platform senior market analyst Marty Greenspan eToro (Mati Greenspan CNBC) said in an e-mail: “Monday’s surge confirmed a strong driving force for bitcoin $3000 key support.”

“This is an extremely important price trend may eventually create a bottom for the hard hit encryption currency.”

Greenspan said that the sudden rebound is likely due to traders closed short positions before the holiday.

He said: “so far, the market sentiment seems to be changed to early next week, this could turn into a full round of rebound.”

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