Bitcoin prices fell, the blockchain involvement and investment value?

I believe many people have heard or read about a chain block, block chain article, in the beginning of this year, new and old game player was trumpeting “technological revolution blockchain come”, “block chain to achieve financial freedom”, “digital currency gold period”. As a result of… The first successful block chain technology the application of bitcoin suffered a “winter period, prices diving, numerous game player began shouting: bitcoin is dead! The blockchain is dead! Then, bitcoin blockchain and really dead?

Of course not, it’s just a coin ring game player exaggerated grief. The main reason is that the price change radically, in 2017 years, and the growth rate of bitcoin blockchain outbreak, bitcoin LED digital currency rose too high, the results this year, bitcoin prices continued to decline, investors worried about the future of digital currency, investment become cautious, will naturally fall. According to the relevant data show that the number of currency speculation, has more than 18 million people, many digital currency is more than 2414. The bitcoin prices, currency circle game player are subject to different degrees of natural loss.

Bitcoin is a digital currency, as a virtual currency, nature has its own set of rules, only run in the bitcoin community, limiting the total amount of 2100 million, all transactions are both directly related to check the original owners in accordance with the transaction records can. This will involve mining, bitcoin will from time to time, randomly distributed, although the computer graphics can be normal operation, but in order to successfully obtain the game player will buy, is high machine operators, equipment manufacturers, spawned mining mines and other related industries, with the indirect employment. Bitcoin fell, their business is affected, cause a series of chain reaction, such as equipment prices, machine sold by catty, countless mine collapse.

Coin ring game player mood fluctuation is normal, bitcoin prices almost cut, many game player funds trapped. Bitcoin in the hands of a few game player hands, nature also has certain disadvantages. Bitcoin purchasing power is limited, running in the bitcoin community, buy and sell in this circle. Capital is profit driven, using their own advantages, hot bitcoin constantly. The capital above advertisement, invest a lot of money, publicity bitcoin subtle can become rich, let bitcoin worth constantly pulled, then leave the capital, leaving the new game player waiting for appreciation, so the cycle time. Bitcoin development so far, has been falling, not just this year greatly.

Bitcoin rich ability obviously there is no doubt that even a currency of a villa “. In 2017, bitcoin is reached its peak. However, people only see the increasing interest, thus ignoring the risk, when the bitcoin bearing not dream, prices began to fall, is a normal phenomenon, but the rate of decline is too large, causing the attention of people. You know, in 2017, bitcoin prices appear abnormal fluctuations, the central bank interviewed bitcoin Chinese, subsequently issued a series of measures such as inventory, rectification, indirect let many domestic game player to avoid the storm. However, bitcoin is not dead, but investors began to become rational, there are still a lot of game player optimistic about its future.

A lot of people will bitcoin is a microcosm of the blockchain, but bitcoin is not the blockchain, can only say that bitcoin is based on the block chain. Just because of the rise of bitcoin, subtle so that people will be confused and bitcoin blockchain. Block chain is as a kind of technology, the original concept was proposed in 1991, in 2008, the founder of bitcoin Nakamoto and perfected the concept of reference block chain. Then, using the block chain technology, build the first block of bitcoin. Bitcoin’s success, so many encryption currency to follow, the blockchain system has also been improved. In fact, the blockchain technology has been combined with the new field, to be used. In daily life, often use the ant payment service, one of the results is regional chain.

Bitcoin fell, there are still investment value, there are a lot of game player on. Bitcoin market demand, will naturally promote the development of related industries. Bitcoin as a member of the blockchain, prices, block chain involvement. However, although the heat block chain decreased, but the financing is still growing. According to the “November 2018 global financial development index (GFI) and the financial report” shows that in the field of finance, financing is more and more block chain 26 pen payments and 11 pen. Compared with the digital currency, investors are clearly more optimistic about the block chain technology. Thus, the block chain is not dead, is still growing. The scope of the regional chain more widely, so back to the temperature speed, obviously a little faster. Bitcoin is a digital currency value of the largest and most famous, bitcoin in the peak when the price of $20 thousand, but I believe that many people don’t know much about bitcoin, you want to know, you can see “decrypt bitcoin”.

Whether bitcoin investment, or block chain related industries, as long as the investment project, there must be a risk. Must be combined with their own actual situation, to analysis the feasibility of the project, do not blindly into the city. Would you choose hunters bitcoin?

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